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  1. Winegard

  2. Winegard Company Wants To Talk To You About The Need and Your Opportunity For The HDTV Market

  3. The Antenna Market Today • CEA reports HDTV sales have tripled every year since 1998. • CEA estimates HDTV sales at $10 billion by the end of 2003. • New antenna market today is directed at the urban/metropolitan locale. • Fastest growing sector – is the reception of off-air HDTV broadcasts.

  4. Antenna Market Today Continued • Growing demand for HDTV programming. • From satellite. • Local broadcast. • Two separate and distinctly different consumer markets. • Indoor versions developed for downtown metropolitan “GEN-X” consumer. • Outdoor versions for the urban suburbia consumer.

  5. Growing demand for HDTV programming. • From satellite. • Local broadcast. • Two separate and distinctly different consumer markets. • Indoor versions developed for downtown metropolitan “GEN-X” consumer. • Outdoor versions for the urban suburbia consumer.

  6. What Is Needed to Get True HDTV Reception? • A local station broadcasting HDTV. • The right antenna for the location. • An HDTV television with built-in or external HDTV tuner. • The right pre-amp/distribution amplifier for best reception (high input level – low gain).

  7. What Your Distributors Don’t Know About HDTV • How the digital signal is decoded and shows up on a TV. • Multi-path and/or co-channel interference. • The differing input levels of HDTV receivers/set-top boxes.

  8. Installation Tips • Internet tools • Go to www.antennaweb.Org click the antenna locator link. • Enter address and zip code. • Note the appropriate antenna color zone required. • Purchase an antenna with the appropriate color code on the box. • Note – assumes clear “line-of-sight” to transmit tower.

  9. Installation Tips Continued • • Go to – gives you an A and B contour. • Grade contours take into account terrain masking features for viewing area. • Conduct a site survey. • Take two antennas to the job site. • Select the right Pre-Amplifier (HDP-269). • Take 6dB and 9dB attenuators to job site.

  10. To Dominate The HDTV Market The Challenge: • To design and produce a superior quality antenna. • With with outstanding demonstrable performance. • Contemporary styling. • New design and technology innovation. • Produce it at a manufacturer’s cost based fee: • Allowing you to price the antenna at an attractive wholesale price point. • At the upper end of the scale. • With a very attractive margin.

  11. The Challenge Continued • Mindful of those Installers who are: • Informed. • Interested in: • Minimizing installation time. • Maximizing performance. • Maximizing profit. • To whom price will not be their first consideration. The NEW Benchmark in HDTV Antenna Systems !

  12. Winegard’s New HDTv2TMSquareShooterTMAntenna System

  13. SquareShooterTM HDTv2TM

  14. HDTv2TM HDTv2TM SquareShooterTMon (DS-1111) SquareShooter TM

  15. A True Technology Break-through Was Needed • Normal RF propagation theorem: • Dictates a half wave length diameter of an off-air antenna for channel 7 VHF @ 175.25MHz is 32 inches. • The SquareShooterTM HDTV2TM 15 inch element is a true engineering marvel. • The SquareShooterTMHDTv2TM compact antenna design can receive and modulate analog and digital TV signals 50 + miles away from the signal source.

  16. A True TechnologyBreak-through • Receives vertical and circular polarized signals. • With 3 to 6 db more gain than a traditional antenna. • Resonant in High VHF/UHF band (Channels 7 - 69). • Tunable for improved High VHF performance. • Utilizes non-traditional electromagnetic antenna design. • For superior performance. • New contemporary “look and feel” desired by the consumer.

  17. Laboratory and Field Testing Have Proven: • Superior performance. • Performance that combines new Russian and American military technology. • Make this antenna absolutely unique. • Promises to dwarf nearly all traditional directional antenna systems on the market today.

  18. Beta Testing • Steve Zahn • Respected television reception professional in the Chicago area. • Conducted our Beta Field Test. • Provided sample prototype antennas and pre-amplifiers in December 2002. • Asked to conduct objective performance and installation testing. • Numerous locations 2 to 70 miles away from transmit towers. • Throughout the Chicago, IL and Tampa, FL broadcast areas.

  19. Beta Test ConclusionsThe SquareShooterTMHDTv2TM • Will find a niche among television reception products. • Especially among new products for receiving digital television signals. • Represents an entirely new design format in consumer television antennas. • Likely to receive considerable attention. • Unique appearance will find acceptance within: • The new generation of architectural restrictions. • That eliminated traditional television antenna installations from many residential settings.

  20. Unique Benefits • Compares well with performance from physically larger VHF/UHF antennas. • Will outperform all but the largest competitive UHF antennas. • Will have a definite market edge over competitive products.

  21. Easy to Install • The SquareShooterTM:: • A paintable weather-protective enclosure. • Requires no assembly. • Mounting assembly uses familiar DBS satellite antenna hardware. • Traditional antenna designs require fold out of antenna elements. • Provides the dealer with a host of installation choices for a simplistic “Plug-’n-Play” install.

  22. Professional Television Service Technician • Will also find many applications for the antenna. • Most service technicians working in architecturally sensitive neighborhoods: • Installing television antennas in attics. • Is often unsuccessful with digital television reception. • Disappointing for HDTV customers.

  23. To Professional Television Service Technician • SquareShooter TMOffers: • Wall mount solution for digital television reception options. • Configuration will enjoy acceptance found with DBS satellite antenna installers. • Will quickly become the “Cadillac” in urban/metropolitan HDTV antenna systems.

  24. HDTv2TM SquareShooterTMValue Added • SquareShooterTM will be priced comparable to an HD7084P. • CEA reports retail prices for antennas steadily going up to an average of…. • HDTV antenna customers will be more than willing to pay for: • Quality • Performance • Versatility • Distinctive styling

  25. New HDTv2TM SquareShooter Antenna System • Best-built. • Best performing. • Best Looking. • Easiest to install. • Urban/Metropolitan HDTV Antenna System in the market. The NEW Benchmark in HDTV Antenna Systems !

  26. National Introduction of HDTv2TM SquareShooterTM • Introduced at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. • Announced To Trade Press In Major 1 Hour Press Conference Following Panasonic 750 Press Kits. • Featured In Winegard’s CES Booth. • Supported with full color sales brochure. (Insert Pix of Brochure) • Advertised in TWICE Magazine (6 Adds) • TWICE Magazine (6 times) • Dealer Scope Magazine (2 times) • Custom Retailer Magazine (2 times) (Insert Pix of 3 magazine Covers)

  27. Soft Launch Opportunity • Taking Orders Now. • Be prepared to meet the demand: • From Selected Distributors. • For Delivery in early November 2003.

  28. Soft Launch BonusOrder 100 Today • Receive your company logo on the front of each Square Shooter HDTv2TM. • A $500 dollar value at no additional charge. • Support materials: • Brochures. • Spec Sheets. • Posters. • What? • Samples: • How many.

  29. HDTv2TM SquareShooter Antenna SystemFrom Winegard Order Now And Get Squared2

  30. Winegard