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  1. By Lily Bread

  2. Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Luna. Page 1

  3. Luna had a big family. There was Jackson and Bennie and Harry and Eleanor and Maddie and Mum and Dad. Page 2

  4. Luna’s family liked to eat. They ate chocolate chip biscuits and Page 3 spaghetti yoghurt mince pies eggs cheese peas cream puffs fish potato chips oranges lemonade pears seedless mandarins

  5. But Luna’s family liked one thing so much they named their dog after it… Page 4 BREAD

  6. Bread. They piled it on their plates for breakfast lunch and dinner. They ate it with soup and they ate it for desert. They ate gluten free bread, dairy free bread, wheat free bread, preservative free bread, homemade bread (which didn’t turn out very well) and white bread. Page 4

  7. Luna only wanted two pieces of bread for her sandwiches ,and one for a piece of toast every now and again, but the only two pieces of bread left were always the crusty bits on each end of the loaf. Page 5

  8. One day Luna was reaching down into the bread bin to get her two pieces of bread for sandwiches when she found the bread bin was empty. Luna got very mad because this was the last straw! Page 6 Bread Bin

  9. Luna called a family meeting in the kitchen. “Someone has been eating all the bread. Whenever I come to get my bread for sandwiches there is only the crusts left and today there wasn’t even a crumb.” Page 7

  10. Everyone looked around expecting to find the culprit. “Today I had two pieces of toast instead of one” said Dad. “No that can’t be it, one piece of bread hardly makes a difference” said Luna. Page 8

  11. “I burnt my two pieces of toast yesterday so I had to have 2 more” said Bennie. “Four is a lot… but not enough” said Luna. Page 9

  12. Suddenly a very loud tummy rumble came from under the chair. “Bread!” Luna exclaimed. Page 1o

  13. “Bread?” “Bread…” “Bread?” Came the confused mumblings of Luna’s family. “No silly! Bread the dog! He must have gone and eaten the bread!” exclaimed Luna. Page 11

  14. “Ohhhh” Bennie said and everyone burst out laughing. Page 11 Hawhawhawhawhawhawhaw Hehehehehehehehehe Hahahaha Oops

  15. Bread was promptly put outside to think about what he had done (but secretly let in inside by Luna) and … Page 12

  16. They all lived happily ever after Page 13