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  1. ROOTS 2nd Semester

  2. rupt= break Examples: bankrupt, rupture, erupt, corrupt, interrupt, abrupt

  3. hydr, hydro, hydra= water Examples: hydrant, hydroplane, hydraulics, hydrate, hydrogen

  4. photo= light Examples: photocopy, photon, photograph, photosynthesis

  5. graph= write Examples: autograph, phonograph, graphic, cartography, paragraph, pictograph

  6. strength & worth val= Examples: valuable, valiant, evaluate, survival, value, invalid, valor, validate

  7. tract, tra= drag, draw away, pull Examples: abstract, attract, contract, tractor, traction, retract, detract, distract, extract

  8. therm= heat Examples: thermometer, thermos, themal, thermostat

  9. aud= to hear Examples: inaudible, audio, audiovisual, audience, auditorium, audition

  10. correct or straighten ortho= Examples: orthopedic, orthodontist

  11. dent/dont= teeth Examples: dentist, dental, dentifrice

  12. derm= skin Examples: dermatologist, dermatology, epidermis, hypodermic

  13. geo= Earth Examples: geothermal, geology, geologist, geography, geometry, geopolitics

  14. gen= race, origin, species, kind, birth Examples: gene, gender, genius, ingenuity, genealogy, regenerate, generous, congenital

  15. nom= name Examples: misnomer, nominate, nominee, binomial, denominator

  16. cut down or kill cide/cise= Examples: homicide, genocide, insecticide, pesticide, suicide, exercise, precision, concise, decide, incision, scissors

  17. meter= measure Examples: Thermometer, kilometer, chronometer, speedometer, pedometer, perimeter

  18. phon= sound Examples: phonograph, phoneme, phonics, phone, phonology

  19. write scribe/script= Examples: scribe, scribble, circumscribe, scripture, subscribe, transcribe, describe, nondescript, manuscript, postscript

  20. look or see spect/spec= Examples: speculate, spectacle, spectrum, specimen, special, specialist, despise, expect, inspect, spectacles

  21. to bend flect/flex= Examples: flex, inflexible, deflect, inflection, reflex, reflect, reflective

  22. sect= cut or divide Examples: bisect, trisect, dissect, section, insect, intersection

  23. ject= to throw Examples: dejected, eject, interject, projector, projectile, reject, trajectory, injection

  24. port= to carry Examples: port, portable, porter, airport, deport, export, import, report, transport, support

  25. struct/stru= to build Examples: structure, construct, construction, destruct, instructor, obstruct

  26. auto= self Examples: automatic, automobile, automaton, autobiography

  27. bio= life Examples: biology, biography, symbiosis, autobiography

  28. cred= believe Examples: incredible, credit, accredit, discredit, credible

  29. primitive, first, ancient, rule, greatest arch= Examples: archives, archeology, monarch, archenemy, architecture

  30. cycle= circle Examples: bicycle, cycle, cyclone, motorcycle, cyclical

  31. un-= not, opposite Examples: unaware, unbelievable, unhappy, unjust, unsure

  32. re-= again Examples: redo, resist, retest, replay, reword, reassure

  33. dis-= not/opposite Examples: dishonest, disgrace, discover, dislike

  34. sub-= under Examples: subsurface, subpar, subway, submarine, subject

  35. pre-= before Examples: predict, prepay, preschool, prevention

  36. trans= across/through Examples: transatlantic, transcontinental, transcribe, transect, transfer, translate, translucent, transport

  37. against anti-= Examples: antibacterial, antiwar, antisocial, antiterrorist

  38. exo-= outside, outer Examples: exodus, exoskeleton, exorcism

  39. super-= above Examples:superhero, supermodel, superman, superhuman

  40. semi-/hemi= half Examples: semicircle, hemisphere, semicolon, semifinalist

  41. omni-= all Examples: omniscient, omnivore, omnipresent, omnibus