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South Dakota Assessment Portal PowerPoint Presentation
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South Dakota Assessment Portal

South Dakota Assessment Portal

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South Dakota Assessment Portal

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  1. South DakotaAssessment Portal Assessment Roadshow Fall 2014

  2. What is it? • Tool for teachers to create online, standard-specific assessments • Delivers classroom, benchmark, and summative assessments • Must be used for State End of Course exams • Houses data reports from all assessments delivered through the program • Also includes DSTEP scores • Will include SBAC and NCSC scores

  3. What Is In it? • All content areas • Common Core State Standards • South Dakota Content Standards • Allows teachers to add their own test items • Item Banks (Math, ELA, Sci, SS, Health) • Pre-made Forms (Math, ELA, and Health) • Released NAEP items (Math, ELA, Sci, SS)

  4. What Is In it? • More higher-order thinking items (NAEP) • Ability to create Extended Response Items (Open-Ended) • Upgrades to the Technology Enhanced Items • Ability to save tests as PDFs • Groups

  5. TEI Tools

  6. Why Would Teachers Use It? • Access to thousands of test items aligned to content standards • Capability to create assessments similar to the Smarter Balanced Assessment • Ability to deliver and track assessments for SLOs • All assessment data funnels into one place to create a clear picture of student strengths and weaknesses • No More Grading (Except for Extended Response Items) • Practice Online Testing • Secure Testing Environment

  7. SLO Elementary Groups

  8. SLO MS/HS Groups

  9. How Do I Get Started? • District testing coordinators must create teacher accounts • An email from eMetric Support with a username and password is automatically sent to account holder • Go to and log-in • Help guides and videos available at

  10. What Else to Know? • An initial data file was loaded into the SDAP in August • New students will need to be enrolled • Unable to create new students? Contact Matt

  11. Training Options • Online live webinar with Matt • Regional trainings in the late fall or early winter • District Professional Development through the Menu of Options (E4)

  12. How Could SDAP Be Used? • Elementary teachers create grade-specific groups in their district in order to use each other’s forms. • Middle School and High School teachers create content-specific groups in their school to work collaboratively.

  13. How Brandon Valley Uses SDAP • Grade Levels • Formative Assessment • Shared with different schools in district • Content Areas • Benchmark Assessments • SLO’s • Individual • Formative Assessment on CCSS

  14. The Sioux Falls School District uses the District Secure Program to administer their District Semester Tests during the last two days of each semester. They currently administer 27 District Semester Tests during the two day window; approx. 14,000 tests. They administered 5 tests online last year and have added 8 more this year for a total of 13 tests. More tests continue to be added as more functionality is released to the District Secure Program (Open Ended, TEI). SFSD – District Secure Program

  15. I recently started using SDAP for some assessments in my Intro to Algebra and Algebra 1 classes.  The SDAP has a variety of questions that require the students to use a higher order thought process.  The SDAP is a great way to receive instant feedback on how students are doing with the new Common Core Standards. • With the new Smarter Balance Assessment fast approaching, I thought it was crucial to introduce my students to online testing.  The SDAP allowed me to do just that.  After the first online test many students were frustrated with the technology and asked if we could do more "paper/pencil" type tests.  This only strengthened my argument that students needed more practice with taking tests online, using the online calculators, and getting familiar with the other online tools.  After giving a few assessments using the SDAP, the students know what to expect and have no issues with the "new" testing format. • 8th Grade Math Teacher

  16. Questions? • Matt Gill • 605.773.8193 • • SDAP DOE Website •