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Quintessential driftwood pieces services provider PowerPoint Presentation
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Quintessential driftwood pieces services provider

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Quintessential driftwood pieces services provider
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Quintessential driftwood pieces services provider

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  1. What is bonsai driftwood? Bonsai driftwood is a hand-crafted from real, natural driftwood pieces. It varies from a piece of Bark to a Limb or a big part of the Trunk. Be it decorating a mini aquascape or, making an ecosystem for your reptile, the stuff works great.

  2. Who we are? Bonsai Driftwood is the supplier of high-quality Bonsai Driftwood trees for your landscaping, aquascaping and business and home décor needs. They’ve been shipping their products for over more than 100 countries and all their driftwood pieces are available at wholesale prices.

  3. Why choose us? At Bonsai Driftwood, you’ll find a huge assortment of authentic driftwood trees that you won’t find anywhere else. Not only this, we offer them to you at best possible prices and international shipping is free of cost.

  4. Benefits of Bonsai Tree Bonsai trees create stunning natural feature wherever placed. By adding driftwood to your fish tank, you not only give it a replica of natural habitat but also improve the quality of water. In addition, they can be placed to beautify certain places of your home or commercial establishment that are frequently overlooked. They are ideal choice to create a stunning Christmas tree.

  5. How to take Care of Bonsai Driftwood? Preserve driftwood by washing it with water to remove soil and algae, soaking it in a tub filled with water. Soaking allows excess tannins that can darken and discolour the water, to leach out. A minimum period of 1 to 2 weeks is recommended to allow total saturation. As the water darkens, empty all of the water and gently rinse the driftwood.

  6. CONTACT US Website: https://bonsaidriftwood.com/ E-Mail: vubui93@gmail.com , khanhbnp@gmail.com Phone: 806-576-8782 Address: BONSAI DRIFTWOOD, 3201 LINDA LN CANYON - TX - 79015