evolution of custom cakes in today s world n.
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Custom cakes for everyday occasions and rich celebration of moments PowerPoint Presentation
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Custom cakes for everyday occasions and rich celebration of moments

Custom cakes for everyday occasions and rich celebration of moments

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Custom cakes for everyday occasions and rich celebration of moments

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  1. Evolution of Custom Cakes in Today’s World

  2. Introduction • The origin of various and unique cakes concentrating in the tastes and shapes, and are fabulously enjoyed by everyone.  • The specialization in the cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings have been delicious and carousel to the eyes. Circular, rounded and round cornered, love, squared shapes predominantly alluring the customers.

  3. Custom Cakes Nutrition • The utensils in baking have led to perfection in preparing a cake. The nutrition of cake is exponential and has carbohydrates for energy, fruits like apples and carrots in cakes adds fiber content to the body – helps in digestion; a bit of fat for warmth and energy, proteins needed to grow the body.  • “Cakes increments the metabolism rate in the body and good for improving digestion process as they’re soft and smooth with fewer sizes.”

  4. Design of Custom Cakes for children • Children’s birthdays are mostly colorful and illumine happiness in everyone’s heart . • The cakes with cartoon characters creating fantasies among the childrenThe cartoon characters like Doraemon, Chota-Bheem, Barbie, Minions, Mickey Mouse and other famous cartoon characters creates a joy in the young hearts. •  The custom designs on custom cakes adding a value to the celebration they’re in.

  5. Anniversary and Wedding Cakes • To celebrate the wonderful moments of togetherness and the frequency of love between the couple or partners, anniversary cakes, and wedding cakes have been most demanded in the present living. • The beautiful and cute images of a couple on these wedding and anniversary cakes adding a flavor to their adorable life.  • The design of custom cakes for weddings and anniversaries spreads more love and happiness, and the married life begins with a taste of deliciousness. •  Rejoicing with lifetime partner with an angelic cake is a lovely event to embrace with.

  6. Graduation Day Cakes • All the four years of engineering, we spend with our friends and we dive-in into the reality of humans.  • On the day of graduation, the selfies with robes with a degree in hands is a refreshing moment for every graduate. Memories never last, so have a graduation day cake with cheers • Today the world is leaving in the galaxy of celebrations for every moment; people are clinging to the treats. In this scenario, the specialization and uniqueness of custom cakes .

  7. Conclusion • Custom cakes for occasions claim to the tops and another feature to these cakes is adding the toppers which are delicious in nature. • Dry fruits, fruits enriched with high protein and low fat, dark chocolate, chocolate chips, black forest, Mango and chocolate truffle, Oreo chocolate, Pineapple, butterscotch, vanilla, Cheese filled, mixed flavoredcakes are setting a trend in the modern world. • Occasions are the nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake.

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