cec and its www challenges for the new year n.
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CEC and its WWW Challenges for the New Year  PowerPoint Presentation
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CEC and its WWW Challenges for the New Year 

CEC and its WWW Challenges for the New Year 

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CEC and its WWW Challenges for the New Year 

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  1. CEC and its WWW Challenges for the New Year  Results Web Survey 18-24 December 2009 among CEC members Frits Hesselink, Andy Alm 31 December 2009

  2. Male respondents outnumbered female by 50% (3 male for 2 female). More than half of the male respondents are over 50; more than half of the female respondents are between 30 and 50. Respondents under 30 are fewer than 6% of the total. 126 responses out of 606

  3. Most respondents work in a national NGO, University or IHE. Many respondents indicated more than one option. Other contain zoos, community groups etc. 126 responses out of 606

  4. Most respondents come from Asia and Europe. The geographical spread seems to be in line with the general spread of CEC membership over the regions. Nearly every project listed by respondents would be an interesting topic for a story or case study on the CEC site. Audiences are governments, NGOs, professionals, educators, the public. 126 responses out of 606

  5. Research and advice, training and professional updating are core focus of most of the organizations where respondents work. Most respondents indicated more than one option. 126 responses out of 606

  6. Most respondents said knowledge of current trends in sustainable development communication and education is "very important". Most also ranked professional updating as very important. SD Communication SD Education Conservation communication Conservation education Knowledge management Partnerships 126 responses out of 606 N = 700

  7. Email outdistances all other communication channels in importance. It appears that web searches, web sites and online social networks are assigned more importance than radio or television... perhaps even greater importance than print publications. 126 responses out of 606

  8. Links to key publications, expertise among CEC members and links to key training/e-learning resources rank highest in interest for the CEC site. High value also is placed on a calendar. N = 700 126 responses out of 606

  9. Last good advice to improve website (92 responses all documented). E.g. advice on language, lay out, membership database, joint activities, focus on learning, favorite websites, stories, regional leadership, timeliness, feedback and interaction. Examples: • It could be great to issue it in Arabic language for the stakeholders in North Africa and Middle East. • I like the short headline front page that lets the detail be accessed on demand. Keep that! • publish the details list of CEC members in the website including their brief profile • Readers should be challenged more to become active, e.g. developing joint papers or invitations to help organise an international meeting • The focus on learning is essential. • ask people what websites they tend to go to for this information, and see how your website could be as good or better than theirs • carrying stories on the CEC initiative in diffrent region and country • updating immidiately • It would be nice if the website would be more interactive that allows CEC members to communicate with one another. In addition, more regularly updated publications are available on the website for users to download. • More Information for training opportunities regarding scientists from developing countries • The stories aspect of the website should feature stories of CEC members and others and they don't have to be cutting edge - just a way to share experiences and help each other know who is doing what and what we may have to offer each other, especially for those who are not able to attend face to face meetings with CEC members. Stories could also be from anyone else interested in or affected by CEC's efforts.

  10. First personal conclusions (FH) • Over 20% response makes outcomes – especially given timing and short time frame - representative for total current CEC network • Confirmation of the concepts of WCLN and WCI: focus on learning and professional updating • Integration of membership management and learning hub: focus on web as major driver for CEC network