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What is ISIS? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is ISIS?

What is ISIS?

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What is ISIS?

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  1. What is ISIS? • The Integrated Student Records System • ISIS is an online system for current students to access secure registrar functions. • Go to or access it through

  2. What do I use ISIS for? • Use ISIS to create and adjust your schedule. • Financial Aid & Financial Services information. • You can view your financial account summary and make payments online. • Through ISIS, you can view your unofficial transcript, grades and even make official transcript requests. • Along with other student record functions. • Most importantly, it’s secure!

  3. What is ISIS? My Online Services • Secure Online Functions Main Body or “Well” • Announcements My Resources • Frequently Requested Services

  4. What is ISIS? • To access a secured ISIS function, select the function you would like to use from the “My Online Services” menu on the left. • You will then log in with your GatorLink username and password. • You will only need to log in once in your ISIS session, though you may need to verify specific actions with your password. • The function will appear in the center of the page (the well).

  5. The ISIS Registration System • Three phases to registration. • Advanced Registration • Start times are the end of March for Summer/Fall and the end of October for Spring. • Schedule Adjustment • Immediately follows advanced registration and flows into drop/add. • Drop/Add • Begins the first day of classes and ends at 11:59pm on the 5th day of classes for spring/fall, the 2nd day of classes for summer.

  6. The ISIS Registration System • Open from 8:00 am to 4:00 am on scheduled dates. • See the law school’s Student Handbook,, for the registration schedule for specific terms. • Registration start times will be enforced during Advanced Registration. • These start times are staggered to manage the overall load on the system and are prioritized based on total credits earned. Students with the same credit hours earned are randomly assigned times.

  7. The ISIS Registration System • Registration start times for each student are assigned and enforced 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. • You can find your assigned start time under Registration Prep in the “My Online Services” menu. • You may begin registering at or anytime after your start time in the Advanced Registration period. • You can access the system as may times as you wish until you reach 15 hours, thereafter you can only register after 5pm and on weekends during the advanced registration period.

  8. The ISIS Registration System • Schedule adjustment begins after the Advanced Registration period ends. • After all students’ registration start times have passed the system is open to all students for schedule adjustments. • At this time, you may access the system as many times as you wish until the first day of classes. • You must be registered for classes by 5pm before the first day of class or you will be assigned a $100 late registration fee.

  9. The ISIS Registration System • Drop/Add begins the first day of the semester and ends at 11:59pm on the 5th day of the semester (2nd day for summer). • This is the time to make final schedule adjustments. • Lots of scheduling shifting occurs during this period which often enables students to get seats in classes that were formerly closed. • You will not be able to make any schedule adjustments after the last day of drop/add.

  10. The ISIS Registration System • ISIS will access an interactive updated version of the Schedule of Courses with seat availability. • However, you should refer to the Course Schedules that are posted on the law school’s course schedule website,, when planning your class schedule. This website will provide additional important information about classes that is not available in the ISIS system.

  11. The ISIS Registration System The registration link will be in the My Online Services menu underneath the Register Now section.

  12. ISIS will verify your identity by asking for yourGatorLinkusername and password. The ISIS Registration System

  13. The ISIS Registration System Registration Page • Personal Information • Your Schedule • Search Options You will use this page to register and adjust your schedule.

  14. The ISIS Registration System Your Schedule displays the courses you are currently registered for. Allows you to View your Weekly Planner Schedule.

  15. The ISIS Registration System Search Options • Search All Courses • Search for Courses that Meet My Schedule • Add a Section These will help you find an open seat in a given course.

  16. The ISIS Registration System Add a Section If you know exactly which course section you want to take, use the Add Coursefunction. Enter the section number and the number of credits. Then click the Add this Coursebutton.

  17. The ISIS Registration System ISIS will summarize your requested action. ISIS will then ask you to confirm that action. To confirm, just type in your password and you’re done! If you decide not to add the course, just click on the Cancel button.

  18. The ISIS Registration System ISIS will confirm if the course was added or dropped. The section will also appear or disappear from your schedule.

  19. The ISIS Registration System If the section you want is already full, you can Search All Courses to find an open section.

  20. The ISIS Registration System • Search by: • Course Number • Department • Refine search by: • Days • Times

  21. The ISIS Registration System This is a search engine, using it will yield many results. The search engine will list if there are no sections available. This page will list the specific details of the available sections, e.g. meeting times, the term of the section (in Summer), etc.

  22. The ISIS Registration System To Add a Course from this page, click on the AddSection button. You will be able to confirm the add with your GatorLink Password.

  23. The ISIS Registration System Another Search Option is the Search for Courses that Meet My Schedule function. This function will bring up another results page similar to the Search All Courses function from which you may add open sections.

  24. The ISIS Registration System If you would like to drop a section, click the Drop Button in your schedule next to the section number. You will confirm your Drop with your GatorLink Password exactly as you did when Adding a Course.

  25. Potential Problems • Registration Holds • All Registration Holds list the specific details of the hold including the office to contact to address the hold. • Section Closed • If there are no available seats in a given section, it will display the message “Section is closed” when you attempt to add.

  26. Potential Problems • Prerequisite Issues • Departments have the right to restrict enrollment of courses/sections with prerequisites. • Departmentally Controlled • Sections for which the student must have the department’s permission to register. • Some sections have specific enrollment criteria that cannot be accounted for by prerequisites.

  27. Solutions • If you have a Registration Hold, please follow the instructions in the hold to address the issue. • If you have a problem registering due to prerequisites, departmental control or closed sections, contact the department offering the course directly.

  28. Questions? Problems? Come to the Law School Student Affairs Office 164 Holland Hall Or call us at (352) 273-0620.