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Comparaciones - simplificado PowerPoint Presentation
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Comparaciones - simplificado

Comparaciones - simplificado

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Comparaciones - simplificado

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  1. Comparaciones - simplificado Unidad 3a

  2. Unequal comparisons más que menos que -er less More less than More than

  3. Comparacions con adjetivos To compare two things using the same adjective: For –er and more than comparisons Másadjectivequebetween both things being compared. Tomás is taller than Miguel Tomas esmásaltoqueMiguel.

  4. Juan Mario atlético Juan es más atlético que Mario.

  5. feo Chico Bozo Bozo es más feo que Chico.

  6. Alto/bajo Amelia Ana

  7. delgado Gordo Rayas

  8. Try these…. • Susana es más inteligente que Ana. • Mi gato es más gordo que tu gato. • Now these…… • My team is faster than your team. • Carlos is shorter than I am. • Esteban is funnier than Max.

  9. Comparaciones con verbos To compare two verbs…. Put más que between the two verbs. I EX: I like to swim more than run. Me gusta nadar más que correr.

  10. If the verbs have the same subject they have the same form. Yo corro más que canto. I run more than I sing. Mario dances more than he acts. Mario baila más qu actua.

  11. If you have two subjects and one verb… it looks a little different. Sra. Egan draws more than I do. La Sra. Egan dibuja más que yo. (notice the verb is only used once and is the same form as the FIRST subject.

  12. Try these….. 1. Margarita plays soccer more than she runs. 2. Juan y Jorge play football more than César does. 3. Sra. Castro reads more than she plays baseball.

  13. Comparaciones con sustantivos When comparing 2 nouns……. Sometimes the más que is between the 2 nouns, other times it is separated by the nouns. Usually, this follows order of the words in English. I like books more than magazines. Me gustan los libros más que las revistas. Mario has more money than time. Mario tiene más dinero que tiempo.

  14. You guessed it…. Try these. :D • Isabel prefiere voleibol más que baloncesto. • I need a new computer more than a phone. • We prefer to eat pizza more than hamburgers. • They like basketball more than tennis.

  15. Challenge yourself…. 1. We need to study math more than science because we understand science more than math.

  16. Unequal comparisons – with numbers When a number follows the “more than” or less than : change que to de • More than one thousand people • Más de mil personas • Less than 150 pages • Menos de ciento cincuenta páginas

  17. One last note….. There are 4 irregular comparisons that do not use Más . Bueno mejor (good-better) Malo peor (bad – worse) Viejo mayor (old-older) Joven menor (young-younger)

  18. Equal comparisons Tan….como as….as Tanto como as much as

  19. Equal comparisons with adjectives and adverbs Equal comparisons work just like unequal, as far as their construction when used with adjectives and adverbs. El beisbol es tan interesante como el futbol. Miguel corre tan rápido como yo.

  20. Equal comparaciones con verbos Tanto como comes between the verbs being compared.: Me gusta correr tanto como cantar.

  21. Yes, try these, too. 1. I read as much as I watch TV. 2. Marcos likes to watch football as much as baseball. 3. Teo is as good as Jorge in tennis. 4. Volleyball is not as popular as football, because footbal is more fun to watch.