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Amazing Uses of Aromatherapy Essential Oil PowerPoint Presentation
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Amazing Uses of Aromatherapy Essential Oil

Amazing Uses of Aromatherapy Essential Oil

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Amazing Uses of Aromatherapy Essential Oil

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  1. Amazing Uses of aromatherapy Essential Oil Essential oils are one of the oldest known oils which are well known for their medicinal as well as health value. They are generally made up of extracts of different parts of plants all known for their different values. The essential oils are also termed as the healing oils as they provide the less known amazing uses. The aromatherapy essential oils are used in a wide variety of products. To enlist some of the uses of the same:  Clean your home Yes! You have read it right the essential aromatherapy oils can help clean your home. The essence of oil when added in warm water can act as a spray to keep your house fresh and clean. You can always add a few droplets in washing machine or vacuum cleaner in order to have the best benefits.  Repel insects and infections The aromatherapy essential oils are always natural mosquito repellents. The same can be applied on the skin and you will find all the misquotes away from you. The essential oils actually have antimicrobial properties which often keep the air around you clean. It can even turn out to be an effective pesticide.  Make your own sunscreen The essential oils are used in self-made sunscreens, which for sure does not carry any adverse effects. The oils when mixed with the right ingredients provide the most appropriate results.  Other body care tips The aromatherapy essential oils have different beatifying properties which means that apart from acting as the sunscreen it can also act as an effective scrub which would detoxify your old and dry skin. The same would also act as a body lotion or a lip balm, thus leaving you with the most beautiful body ever.

  2.  Home freshener The aromatherapy essential oils can turn out to be a useful home freshener in all the areas be it your kitchen or your bathroom. Even if you drop a few droplets in your trash can the odor can be minimized to a great extent. Your favorite fragrance aromatherapy essential oils can be put to use even in your refrigerators so that every time you open the same, the atmosphere around you brightens up.  Relieve anxiety and stress After a long tiring day, the stress and anxiety levels can be dropped with your favorite aroma essence. You can always apply some on your favorite spot or include a fraction of it in your bath to release the anxiety and stress levels to minimum.  Homemade deodorant When the deodorants today carry numerous side affects you can use the droplets of your favorite jasmine oils to act as a homemade deodorant. What else? The essential oils can also be used as a body spray.  Headache relief The aromatherapy essential oils can treat both migraine as well as normal headache problems as it has done the same in previous cases too.  Heal your body In case you have had accidental injuries or other bones or joint related problems, the essential oils would heal you in a better way.  Say goodbye to cough, asthma and bronchitis The aromatherapy essential oils have the capability to fight infections and would help you stay away from problems like cough, asthma and even bronchitis. The aromatherapy essential oils are like one packet with multiple benefits. Contact us : 905-455-4444 Website :