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an introduction to aarhus public libraries n.
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An introduction to Aarhus Public Libraries PowerPoint Presentation
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An introduction to Aarhus Public Libraries

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An introduction to Aarhus Public Libraries
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An introduction to Aarhus Public Libraries

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  1. An introduction to Aarhus Public Libraries

  2. One Main Library - Eighteen Branches Besides the Main Library in Mølleparken there are also libraries in Risskov, Viby, Gellerup, Åbyhøj, Egå, Hasle, Tilst, Tranbjerg, Lystrup, Højbjerg, Kolt-Hasselager, Hjortshøj, Beder, Skødstrup, Sabro, Solbjerg, Trige and Harlev.

  3. Opening hours Opening hours can be found on our website.

  4. How to get a library card To obtain a library card, you have to come to the library and present a valid photo ID. The library card resembles a credit card and bears a card number and a bar code. You will decide your own five-figure PIN. The library card is free of charge!

  5. Children under 18 years Children between 0-17 years can also get a library card. • Ask the front desk for a registration form, which has to be signed by a parent or legal guardian • With the signed registration form and the child’s medical card a library card is made • With a library card you can • borrow books, music and films • use digital services • use computers and Internet • make online reservations • check your status online

  6. Our website The website is in Danish, but has an English version at or

  7. Our website In the left side menu of the website’s English version you will information on regulations, how to use the library OPAC, fees and so on

  8. Your library status 1 1. Log on to the website using librarycard number and PIN-code 2 2. You can now see the number of borrowed materials and reservations 3 3. Youcanalso : See booksborrowed and due date Manage reservations Check eventualfees C A B

  9. Searching the OPAC To navigate the library OPAC you need a basic danish vocabulary or at least some specific words – if not ask the librarian for help! Helpfull words: Fiction = skønlitteratur Movies = spillefilm Audiobooks = lydbøger(cd)

  10. Searching If our local collection of books and music should turn out to be insufficient of your needs Aarhus Public Libraries participates in a national library service that gives us access to the collections of all Danish libraries. This database supports english.

  11. Online media If you are a resident in the muncipality of Aarhus and you have a library card with PINcode you can access various online media from at home via The library supplies you with free access to movies, music and books. Download to your own computer at home and save your self from a trip to the library.

  12. Fulltext databases From our website you can access different fulltext databases, for instance Global Issues in Context, where you can find in dept information about social, political, economical and environmental issues The databases are available from your own computer at home or from one of the library’s computers.

  13. Library PressDisplay gives you online access to approximately 1000 newspapers representing 70 countries worldwide. You can access this online service from the library or from your computer at home using your library card and PIN code to access for instance The Daily Telegraph, New York Post, Arab News, Jerusalem Post or The Irish Times.

  14. Yourlibrary status • Check yourlibrary status at the libraryusingourself service stations • Push ”Status” • Put in yourlibrarycard • EnteryourPIN-code • Take out yourlibrarycard • A receiptwithyourlibrary status willbeprinted

  15. Put in yourlibrarycard • EnteryourPIN-code • Scan the barcodeon the back of the media • Take out yourlibrarycard • A receiptwithwillbeprinted Borrow a book, cd or dvd

  16. Return a book, cd or dvd • You deliver back materials at the self service stations marked “return” • You scan the material by placing it with the barcode facing down • When you have finished you press either ”finish” or ”receipt” • A receipt with will be printed

  17. Borgerservice på biblioteker Some of our branch libraries also handle Citizen Service, where you can have your driver’s license issued or sign up your children for daycare. This includes Risskov, Viby Åby. In the down town area Citizen Service is located at city hall.

  18. Get a ”personal librarian” • At the branch libraries in Højbjerg, Viby and Lystrup as well as the Main Library you can make an appointment with a librarian for personal assistance. • This could be in relation to: • searching the library OPAC • searching various databases • opening an email account • uploading photos • using Skype

  19. Events Lots of events and exhibitions take place at your local library! Check our library calender for dates and places. The library calender is available at your library or at the website: (only available in Danish)