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Tourist Attractions Crescent Park PowerPoint Presentation
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Tourist Attractions Crescent Park

Tourist Attractions Crescent Park

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Tourist Attractions Crescent Park

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  1. Tourist AttractionsCrescent Park By: Trae Staples And Rachael Carline.

  2. Crescent Park • Situated in the heart of the city is the "Jewel of the Prairies", Crescent Park. It is located one block east of main street and encompasses approximately twenty-eight acres, more than six city blocks. The park is rich with history. It embraces various activities for rest, play, and enjoying arts and culture.

  3. Library • The Public Library was built in 1912. Some of the many beautiful architectural features included: large windows for good lighting, marble pillars and stairways. Highlighting this "jewel" was a stunning rosette, stained glass dome above the main foyer. In the book rooms, unique glass floors, dividing the first and second floors, were also built to improve lighting.

  4. Natatorium • The Natatorium opened in 1932. It was developed as a result of the find of hot mineral water following an attempt to drill for oil on Manitoba Street East in about 1928 - 32. It included baths similar to the ones at Watrous, Saskatchewan. After the deterioration of the well, mineral water use was discontinued and it was replaced by city water.

  5. History (1911 to 1970) • Due to the foresight of the early residents of Moose Jaw, land was set aside for the purpose of creating a city centre park, what is now known as Crescent Park.

  6. Tennis Club • In approximately 1911, the Tennis Club was formed. The courts are still in their original location. Moose Jaw had the highest percentage of British people in any Canadian city according to 1929 statistics, and as a result tennis was a favourite sport. • [top: Crescent park waterfall.] • [bottom:2 men at the moose Jaw tennis club in Crescent Park]

  7. Other • In 1967, funds were raised from the "Heritage on Review" celebration that were used to construct the Crescent Park fountain. The unveiling ceremony took place in 1969. The fountain was set in the centre of a star shaped flowerbed and can be lit up at night.

  8. Lawn Bowling • The lawn bowling club was organized in 1918. Although not originally located in Crescent Park, it was later moved from the old city hall park, on Fair ford Street West, into Crescent Park in 1953. It has been there ever since.

  9. In more recent Years (1970 presents) • In 1971-1972 the amphitheatre came to fruition. It is a summer stage built on the north side of the park. It was built as a direct result of a 31 member committee that wanted to establish an outdoor theatre facility similar to those found in other cities. Since its official opening June 10, 1972, many have been entertained from this facility.

  10. In More recent Years (1970 presents) • The waterfall was constructed in 1974. It was created as a direct result of the 1974 flooding of Spring Creek and to reduce any future algae problems by recalculating the water in the creek and adding air to it. • Also in 1974, the YM/YWCA was constructed next to the Natatorium after the closures of both the YMCA and YWCA.

  11. Today • There is so much to see and do in our "Jewel of the Prairies". For recreation one can play in the water park, swim at the Natatorium, play tennis, or lawn bowl. If it's arts and culture you want, one could explore the Art Museum, investigate the Library and check out a book, and even more. Crescent Park can be enjoyed and admired by all who choose to visit.

  12. Thanks for watching • I hope you enjoyed and realize how important Crescent P ark is! [Crescent park 1930]

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