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ABJ00 Quarterly Conference Call PowerPoint Presentation
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ABJ00 Quarterly Conference Call

ABJ00 Quarterly Conference Call

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ABJ00 Quarterly Conference Call

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  1. ABJ00 Quarterly Conference Call September 17, 2010

  2. Agenda • Gotomeeting • Next newsletter • Committee reports • At-large reports • Annual meeting plans • Strategic plan

  3. Need for newsletter • Copy Oct 7, Distribute Oct 11 • Theme: What’s coming up at the annual meeting, committee rotations • Potential content • Session titles from Data Committees • Data Section Strategic Planning Meeting • Federal Updates: NHTS, CFS, FAF • Data Policy Study • Data Conference • Performance Measures Conference, May, 2011 • Spotlight • Best Practice

  4. National Data Requirements & Programs - ABJ10 • 3 papers reviewed Annual Meeting Sessions (Tentative) • Co-Sponsor with Performance Measurement Committee.  • What are transportation agencies and private businesses doing with national data sets? And what more could be done? • NHTS – Lessons learned from users and providers Sunday Workshops • National Household Travel Survey – tools and content • Travel Data User Forum - Passenger Travel Data Sources for Livability

  5. ABJ20 – Annual Meeting • Data Quality Issues in Measuring Asset Performance • Co-sponsor with Transportation Asset Management Committee • Targeting paper submitted for annual meeting • Other Recommended Invited Speakers???? • Transportation Information Confidentiality & Liability- What are the Risks, What are the Precautions • ITS Applications – Prof Ryan Fries, SIU Edwardsville • Crash Data – Scott Falb, Iowa DOT • Road Weather Information – Jaime Rall, National Conference of State Legislatures

  6. ABJ20 – 3 Key Interest Areas • Real-time System Information Management • Operational vs planning • Access & integration • Quality Data • Performance based • User understanding • Knowledge Management • Findability & search capabilities – information portals • Succession planning & work force development

  7. ABJ40 Travel Survey Methods 2011 TRB workshop 1/23/11 1:30 – 4:30 Current and Emerging Practices in Collecting and Estimating External Travel GPS papers probably have enough GPS related papers to fill one session and presenting few others in a poster session Update on ABJ40 websites

  8. Information Systems and Technology (ABJ50) • Workshops • Sensing Technologies for Transportation Applications • Using Information Technology to Support Better Construction Management, VII • LiDAR Technologies for Transportation Applications • Strategies for Staying in the Game: Getting Better Results with IT Innovations • Cybersecurity Best Practices – Keeping our Nation Safe from Cyber Attacks • Tentative Sessions (seeking co-sponsors and speaker suggestions) • Intellidrive – data challenges and solutions (with ITS committee+other data committees?) • State DOTs: New technologies for improving efficiency and meeting critical needs (sensors, wireless communications, mobile applications, real-time search, cloud computing, etc.) • Paper session – likely focused on traffic simulation • Interested in Collaborating on… • Open data, data standards, social networking, data fusion, data mining, enterprise architecture, state DOT deployment of ERP, Content Management solutions

  9. ABJ90 Freight Data • NOVEMBER 2010 • Commodity Flow Survey 2012 Workshop • Chair/Secretary planning session • JANUARY 2011/ANNUAL MEETING • GPS Data: Describing the Relationship between Trucking & the Economy (.5) • Freight Day Part IV (.25) • Freight Data Users Forum: Case Studies in How Freight Data Is Used • Recent & Future Developments in Freight Data (need co-sponsor) • FAF 3.0 • CFS 2012 • WIM truck class counts • WSDOT GPS Performance Measurement Data • Paper session - - if papers are of quality (1)

  10. Visualization Committee (ABJ95) • Top 3 INITIATIVES • RNS Surge • 2011 Visualization Symposium • Joint Efforts (multiple) • 2011 AM • Joint Sunday w/ Public Involvement • Joint Sunday w/ Communications • Joint Sunday on Virtual Design & Construction • Sunday Workshop on Visualization Research Needs • Panel Session w/ Artificial Intelligence • Co-Sponsor; Pervasive Data for Transportation • Joint Paper Session w/ AND30 – Driving Simulation

  11. 7th Annual TRAVEL DATA USERS FORUM Focus on Passenger Travel Data Sources for Livability Format Includes Stage Setting Presentation Panel Statements Open Discussion Sponsored by: Urban Transportation Data and Information Systems Committee (ABJ30) National Transportation Data Requirements and Programs Committee (ABJ10) Statewide Transportation Data and Information Systems Committee (ABJ20) Passenger Travel Data Subcommittee (ABJ10[2])

  12. TRAVEL DATA USERS FORUM Mission The Forum was designed to provide a venue for the presentation and discussion of important or emerging issues regarding passenger travel data • Objectives • Foster a dialogue among all data providers and users • Identify sources of representative and applicable local and national surveys • Serve as a venue to identify and discuss emerging issues • Encourage interaction within the passenger-travel-data community

  13. AASHTO SCOP Data Subcommittee Update Available soon -- Report on “Data Needs and Considerations Related to Performance Based Planning and Programming” CTPP Update Capacity Building Projects – due 9/15/10 • Peer exchange on “Planning for Longer Term Census Travel Data Needs Beyond 2012” • Peer exchange on “Metrics, Data and Methods for Incorporating Sustainability in Benefit/Cost and ROI Calculations” • Peer exchange on “Strategies for Strengthening Data and IT Support and Involvement in Performance Based Planning NCHRP 8-36 Research Problem Statements – due 10/1/10 • Methodologies and Data for State Transportation GHG Planning • National Data Archiving Roles, Responsibilities and Opportunities

  14. GIS for Asset Management Peer Exchange Charleston, West Virginia, April 2010 Sponsors – FHWA & TRB Committees ABJ60, ABC40, ABJ20 21 Participants, Seven state agencies High Priority Research Recommendations Best Practices in GIS-Based Asset Management Effective Transportation Asset Data Management Business Requirements for Cross Asset Performance Management and Coordination The Business Case for the Use of GIS in Asset Management James Hall

  15. Related Information/Knowledge Activities Library & Information Science for Transportation • Speaker Session: Data Management/Data Accessibility • Workshop: The Right Tool for the Job: Search, Discovery and Current Awareness Tools, Tip and Tricks for Busy Transportation Professionals (with Conduct of Research) • Poster Session on Search, Discovery and Current Awareness: New and Innovative Uses of Online Research Tools in Transportation Research and Implementation Conduct of Research • Speaker Session: Intellectual Property Focused / Barriers that Inhibit Use of Propriety Products • Speaker Session: Knowledge Management (Jason Bittner) NCHRP • 20-90 Improving Management of Transportation Information • 20-89 Intellectual Property Stewardship Guide for Transportation Departments

  16. Central Portal Broad Participation Diverse Resources Common Standards Related Information/Knowledge Activities Proposal for TRB Joint Task Force on Knowledge Management The goal of the Joint Task Force is to provide cross committee coordination for the development and deployment of Transportation Knowledge Management. National Transportation Knowledge Network (TKN) Strategic Plan National Transportation Library leading an effort with the regional TKNs and AASHTO RAC TKN Task Force to develop a strategic plan for the year General Continued effort to build on NCHRP Report 643 Implementing Transportation Knowledge Networks

  17. Annual meeting plans Action Needed: Decide when to have the data section meeting at the annual meeting (Sunday evening dinner?) Key Dates Sep 24 to 30 - Committee chairs must discuss paper presentation and publication decisions with Tom or Rick (Simon & Mike) 01-Oct - Session entry must be complete 21-Oct - TRB staff send acceptance /invite emails 29-Oct - Interactive program goes public Guidelines Descriptions are only for sessions without presentations Poster acceptance a two-step process - Initial invite letter does NOT include poster number (October 21) - Follow up email notifies authors of poster number assignment (November 30) GPS overview panel? ABJ40, ABJ90

  18. Section Strategic Plan • October 20 • On Site: 9 (Ed, Joe, Reg, Shawn, Matthew Hardy, Nanda, Harv, Kate, Toms, Rolf) • Remote: 7 (Tim, Scott, Tamer, Frances, Leni, Cesar, Guy, Michael, Jack) • No: 2 • Not yet responded: 8(four will probably be on site since they are either registered for the livability or are local. •  come to the meeting with a small number of ideas that … • benefit from the breadth and synergy, • bring value to the broader transportation data community, • are feasible and sustainable • E.g., Annual assessment of transportation data; archival data white paper; others • Prep • Planning team • resource web site

  19. Next call/meeting • Planning team • Strategic planning (Oct 20) • Conf. call • Annual Meeting Jan. 23