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Flowers to Wear

Flowers to Wear

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Flowers to Wear

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  1. Flowers to Wear

  2. Flowers to wear • Flowers have been worn by people for thousands of years. Flowers for adornments are used today in a number of special occasions. • Flowers to wear have many guidelines.

  3. Theme and style • The color and style of clothing worn has a large amount to do with the theme, color, and style of flowers that are worn. • For example: Flowers that are to be worn by a girl who is going to the prom are very different from those worn by a young girl who is sprinkling rose petals for a wedding.

  4. Theme and Style • The flowers, foliage, ribbon, and other accessories fillers are often called the flower parts. These parts need to be harmonious with one another so that the finished look has a nice theme and style.

  5. Proportion and Scale • The sizes and amount of flowers, foliages, and accessories must be in proportion to one another. • For example a corsage with too much ribbon or other accessory does not allow the flowers or foliage to be seen or fully appreciated.

  6. Proportion and Scale • The size of the completed design must be in p proportion to the person who will be wearing it. • This comes into play with children or petite women who can be overpowered when an arrangement is too big for their body.

  7. Proportion and Style • Corsages do not always have to be in proportion to the person wearing them. For homecoming for instance, the idea is the larger the better.

  8. Shapes • The basic shape of the floral piece should be take into consideration where the flower will be worn. • Whether worn on the shoulder, wrist or neck, the shape of the arrangement should be in harmony with its placement. • If the shape is wrong for the placement of the flowers, problems will occur.

  9. Mechanics • Mechanics or how you make flowers to wear are very important! When someone gives a gift of a corsage and it falls apart, that can be very embarrassing to the person giving the corsage the person wearing it. • Making sure your flowers fit together tight are very important!

  10. Balance • Both visual and physical types of balance are needed when making floral pieces. Choosing asymmetrical, symmetrical, or radial balance is very important before you begin making your design. Corsages will lie more flat when they are well balanced.

  11. Focal Area • A focal area or center of interest is what draws the visual interest or appeal to your design. • Large flowers can be a focal point, or contrast of colors can also be a focal point.

  12. Preparation of Materials • Steps to preparing materials for flowers to wear. • Fresh flowers conditioned • Flowers wired and taped • Flowers sprayed with paint or antitranspirants

  13. Conditioning • Conditioning is a technique that allows flowers and foliages to fully hydrate with water and preservatives before using them in designs.

  14. Wiring and taping • Wiring and taping of stems and leaves allow more freedom when designing flowers and will keep them in position when being worn. Taping helps to hold the design together while still giving a natural look.

  15. Wiring flowers • The most common method of wiring these types of flowers is the pierce method, where the calyx of the flower is pierced then the wire is wrapped down the stem and taped.

  16. Filler flowers • Filler flowers and small clusters of tiny mass flowers are often wired by using the clutch or wrap around wire method. • Filler flowers are gathered and the wire is wrapped tightly around the stem to hold the flowers into palce.

  17. Foliage wiring • The foliage or greenery of the arrangements is wired by using the stitch wire method. • The wire is stitched down the stem of the leaf to make the leaf pliable.

  18. Spray painting • Carnations and a few other flower types can be lightly spray painted with special floral tints. • When only the edges of the flower need to be painted it is called tipping.

  19. Accessories • Accessories such as ribbon, bows, nettings, or other novelties can be added to the design to enhance a theme and create a unified look to the design.

  20. Ribbon Loops and Flags • Loops and flags of ribbon are more suited to most corsages than large bows. Loops help to accent the flower and add color and texture throughout the design.

  21. Net and Lace Fans • Net and lace can be added to a design to provide a background and also to create a fullness to the design without added any extra weight. • Netting and tulle are available in many colors, patterns, and styles.

  22. Novelties • Novelties can be added to designs to add something extra for the design to be special. • Butterflies, hearts, pearls, faux jewels, and holiday or seasonal novelties can be added.

  23. Artificial Leaves • Artificial leaves or glamour leaves can be added to designs to add accents or a touch of elegance to a design that can be bland. • Leaves come in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes.

  24. Boutonnieres • Boutonnieres are floral design worn by men for formal occasions. They are usually worn on the lapel or jacket of the man. • The name boutonniere came from the location of where the flower is to be worn which is near the top button of the jacket.

  25. Corsages • Corsages are designs that are worn by women on special occasions such as weddings, proms, or other formal events.

  26. Corsages • Corsages can be worn on the shoulder, wrist, evening purse or at the waist. • The style, color, and fabric of the dress worn will determine the style of the corsage.

  27. Over the shoulder corsage • Over the should corsages also called epaulet designs are made to be worn on the top of the shoulder and cascade down.

  28. Wristlets • Wrist corsages or wristlets are made the same way as traditional corsage except that they have something attached that will go onto the writst.

  29. Football Mum Corsage • Football mum corsages are used traditionally for homecoming games, dances, parades, or other festivities.

  30. Other flowers to wear • Floral pieces that are worn on the head are called chaplets. These designs are worn during weddings and must be measured to ensure a proper fit.

  31. Lei • The lei originates in Hawaii and is a garland or wreath of flowers and leaves that is generally worn around the shoulders and neck.

  32. Sealers • After the completion of an arrangement, sealers may be used to help flowers hold in water and retain beauty for a longer period of time.