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ROOF MATE Step-By-Step Application Over EPDM ROOFING PowerPoint Presentation
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ROOF MATE Step-By-Step Application Over EPDM ROOFING

ROOF MATE Step-By-Step Application Over EPDM ROOFING

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ROOF MATE Step-By-Step Application Over EPDM ROOFING

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  1. ROOF MATE Step-By-Step Application Over EPDM ROOFING • List of Materials: • ROOF MATE WHITE • ROOF MATE LIGHT GRAY • ROOF MATE BUTTER GRADE • ADHERE-IT* • Optional Materials: • UCC (United Cleaning Concentrate) • ROOF MATE MESH • UNI-TAPE • ROOF MATE FABRIC • ROOF MATE BUTTER GRADE • RHINO TOP • ACRYSHEEN *ADHERE-IT is a required component of the ROOF MATE System over EPDM. Master Guide Specifications <BACKMAIN MENUNEXT>EXIT

  2. ROOF MATE Step-By-Step OverEPDM ROOFING STEP 1 – Cleaning Roof surfaces must be clean, dry, structurally sound, stable, well secured and free of excessive ponding water. Remove all loose gravel, dirt, debris and other contaminants from roof surface. Remove heavy deposits of dirt, leaves, pine needles and other debris using a broom or air blower. Any rocks, branches or other large foreign objects should also be removed. <BACKMAIN MENUNEXT>EXIT

  3. ROOF MATE Step-By-Step OverEPDM ROOFING STEP 2 – Preparation Any unsound areas in the roof deck, insulation or flashing must be repaired or replaced. Remove gravel from ballasted EPDM & spot ballast with sand bags to avoid excessive fluttering of the membrane. Reinstall loose fasteners as necessary on mechanically adhered systems. Ensure that roof deck has positive slope to drain and that moisture content of the existing substrate, insulation and deck does not exceed 15%. <BACKMAIN MENUNEXT>EXIT

  4. ROOF MATE Step-By-Step OverEPDM ROOFING STEP 3 – Priming & Washing Apply Adhere-It using a Hudson-type agricultural sprayer or airless spray equipment at the rate of 500 sq. ft. per gallon (12.2 m²/l). Allow Adhere-It to stand a minimum of 10 minutes to wet out and react with the EPDM substrate. Power rinse the roof with clean water, beginning at the lowest point on the roof and working upwards. Once the highest point of the roof is reached, work down again toward the drains or roof edge with a final rinse. On flat roofs, work away from and then towards the roof drains. After cleaning, the roof should be “jet black” in color, indicating that the surface has been chemically altered for optimum adhesion characteristics. *WARNING: Adhere-It is a critical component or the ROOF MATE system when coating an EPDM roof. Without Adhere-It, ROOF MATE will not achieve adequate adhesion to the substrate to allow long term performance. <BACKMAIN MENUNEXT>EXIT

  5. ROOF MATE Step-By-Step OverEPDM ROOFING STEP 4 – Details Tighten or re-secure all terminations, caulk termination bars and reglet counter-flashings with ROOF MATE Butter Grade. On all mechanically fastened EPDM systems, remove and reinstall any fasteners that are backed out or "tented", no more than six (6) inches (15 cm) from its original location. Repair all loose, torn or open seams, holes or breaks in the EPDM membrane by embedding ROOF MATE Mesh into ROOF MATE. Apply ROOF MATE liberally around the area to be reinforced. While the material is still wet, embed a strip of ROOF MATE Mesh, centered over the detail, applying additional material to totally encapsulate the reinforcement fabric. An appropriate size piece of Uni-Tape may be used in lieu of ROOF MATE Mesh. Reinforce around drains, scuppers, flashings, protrusions and other detail areas in a similar manner. At drip edges, refasten all metal flanges and reinforce the area with ROOF MATE embedded into ROOF MATE Mesh, or with Uni-Tape. Badly degraded EPDM membranes can be fully reinforced by embedding ROOF MATE FABRIC over the entire roof. <BACKMAIN MENUNEXT>EXIT

  6. ROOF MATE Step-By-Step OverEPDM ROOFING STEP 5 – Coating Application Apply 2 to 4 separate coats of ROOF MATE, using airless spray or roller, at the total rate of 2.5 to 5.5 gallons per 100 sq. ft. (1.0 to 2.2 l/m²), depending on warranty and/or specification requirements. Inspect surfaces after application of the first coat for any unseen damage that has not been previously detailed. Repair and reinforce any such areas using ROOF MATE Butter Grade, or ROOF MATE Mesh embedded into ROOF MATE prior to application of subsequent coats. Create a self-terminating flashing by extending the topcoat a minimum of 3” (7.5 cm) above all protrusions, parapet walls, etc. Note: Adhere-It and the resin used in standard ROOF MATE work in a lock & key manner. ROOF MATE Basecoat and other products using different resins will not work with Adhere-It to improve adhesion over EPDM substrates. <BACKMAIN MENUNEXT>EXIT

  7. ROOF MATE Step-By-Step OverEPDM Roofing STEP 8 – Options Apply walk pads, ceramic roofing granules or Rhino Top as required to demarcate walkways and service areas, and/or provide non-skid characteristics. To enhance dirt release characteristics in problem areas, apply a coat of Acrysheen, which imparts a slick, semi-gloss finish that aids in maintaining a clean surface. *Rhino Top is a tough acrylic coating that is available in both smooth and textured formulations. It is ideally suited for horizontal surfaces that receive regular foot traffic. <BACKMAIN MENUNEXT>EXIT

  8. Thank you for choosing quality ROOF MATE products from UNITED COATINGS <BACKMAIN MENUNEXT>EXIT