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Document/Invoice Management Version 4.2 PowerPoint Presentation
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Document/Invoice Management Version 4.2

Document/Invoice Management Version 4.2

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Document/Invoice Management Version 4.2

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  1. Document/Invoice Management Version 4.2 • This easily configured application creates a centralized database for all your company records with email notification prior to expiration. This application not only reduces administration costs it ensures that you always have access to your employee documents. • 24/7 Web based access to all documents • • Document saving optimization technology • • Ability to review all documents/invoices and specific notations • • Expiration management notification • • We provide a fully hosted solution with initial loading assistance • • Tracking of employee contracts, vendor invoices, training certificates etc.. • • Dashboard view of document status with color coded expiration with • automated e-mail dates

  2. Document Management Logon screen which validates your access level. Each user can be associated with a single or multiple locations. ‘Technology without Boundaries’

  3. Document Management After logging on to the Personnel Record Management application you can access either Personnel Records, Dashboard, Maintenance, Event Log or the File Upload Wizard (depending on your access). ‘Technology without Boundaries’

  4. Document Management For this example we have accessed the Personnel Records: You now have the ability to select a specific location and the relevant document type. The Personnel module enables the end user to filter/search by employee#, last name, date of birth etc…. ‘Technology without Boundaries’

  5. Document Management In the example below we have selected the MT Kilkenny as the location/vessel and retrieved the PEME document for John Doe. You will see that the folder hierarchy is intuitive and can be configured based on your operational hierarchy i.e. Location – Position/Function – Document Type ‘Technology without Boundaries’

  6. Document Management You can view the document under the ‘Document tab. The application will automatically recognize your version of adobe acrobat and open a viewing window within the application (sample financial certificate below to highlight the quality). You now have the ability to print, save a local copy or email this record. ‘Technology without Boundaries’

  7. Document Management The ‘Details’ tab is where you specify/view the main information on the selected certificate. The expiration date is critical as it triggers email notification prior to expiration. ‘Technology without Boundaries’

  8. Document Management We have added an ‘Employee’ tab where you can view the main information relating to the employee. ‘Technology without Boundaries’

  9. Document Management When you select the document status option in the main menu you can quickly determine the status of all your documents for the entire fleet. We have also added color coding functionality so that you can easily determine what documents need to be prioritized. ‘Technology without Boundaries’