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The Benefits of Personal Training

The Benefits of Personal Training. Alex Martino Perspective Trainees. How can a trainer help?. What can a trainer help you do? Get started on a workout regiment Learn and use proper form and technique Achieve your goals (safely ). How do you pick the right trainer?.

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The Benefits of Personal Training

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  1. The Benefits of Personal Training Alex Martino Perspective Trainees

  2. How can a trainer help? • What can a trainer help you do? • Get started on a workout regiment • Learn and use proper form and technique • Achieve your goals (safely)

  3. How do you pick the right trainer? • With so many trainers, how do you pick the right one? • Try one out at your local gym • Look at qualifications and style • Look online through an accredited organization • Ask yourself how well they teach • Do they teach what you want for your specific needs?

  4. What is Personal Training? • Augment health for the general population • Techniques Included • Weight Training • Cardiovascular Training • Flexibility Training • Nutrition Counseling

  5. Weight Training • What are the benefits of weight training? • Protects bone health and muscle mass • Disease prevention • Burns more calories • Different Types • Isometric Resistance – Contracting muscles against a non-moving surface (push up) • Isometric Strength Training – Contracting muscles through a range of motion (weight lifting)

  6. Cardiovascular Endurance Training • Helps maintain a healthy weight • Reduces the risk of heart and other diseases • Improves state of mind • Increases body’s efficiency • Heart stronger = more blood pumped

  7. Cardiovascular Interval Training • What is it? • Workouts combining short, high intensity bursts, with slower recovery ones • Benefits? • Works aerobic and anaerobic systems • Increased tolerance to build up of lactic acid • Causes muscle cramps (supposedly) • Safety Precautions • Warm up before any workouts • Assess baseline fitness levels • Train on a smooth, flat surface

  8. Flexibility Training • Types: • Static Stretching • Ballistic Stretching • Dynamic Stretching • P.N.F Stretching Static Ballistic Dynamic P.N.F

  9. Static Stretching • Increased flexibility and range of motion (ROM) in joints • Static stretching is very specialized for different muscles • Example: Groin Stretch • Sit down and push soles of your feet together • Press knees toward the ground until you feel a stretch

  10. Ballistic Stretching • What is it? • Using body momentum to increase ROM • Benefits? • Increased ROM in muscles • Safety Precautions • Don’t be overly aggressive • Increased flexibility may be temporary

  11. Dynamic Stretching • Motions used are similar to those athletes use • “Functional Stretching” • Body gets used to certain motions, they become easier • Examples: • Arm Circles • Leg Raises • Walking Lunges • Studies are showing it may be safer than Ballistic and Static Stretching

  12. P.N.F Stretching • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Stretching • Used to enhance active and passive range of motion • Several different techniques: • Contract Relax – placement of the target muscle to a relaxed position • Hold Relax – restricted muscle in a position of stretch • Rhythmic Initiation – active assistive movement of muscle • Rhythmic Stabilization/Alternating Isometrics – weight bearing stretch

  13. Nutrition Counseling • Get help from certified professionals • Learn about all aspects of nutrition and its effects • Benefits? • Increased energy • Low cholesterol • Reduced blood pressure • Reduced risk of heart disease and stroke

  14. Certifications? • Top certification organizations: • ACSM = American College of Sports Medicine • NASM = National Academy of Sports Medicine • NSCA = National Strength & Conditioning Association • ACE = American Council on Exercise

  15. ACSM • Top certification • Tons of networking experience • $500-$700 for study tools • Need 4 year degree

  16. NASM • Several different certifications: • FNS = Fitness Nutrition Specialist • WLS = Weight Loss Specialist • YES = Youth Exercise Specialist • SFS = Senior Fitness Specialist • Trainers could be certified/well versed in many different areas

  17. NSCA • Certifications in several fields, including TSAC (Tactical Strength and Conditioning) • Takes into account use of supplements • Teaches about dangers and use of energy drinks

  18. ACE • Lowest of the shown organizations • 4 year degree not needed • Website extremely personalized and in depth • Trainers all around the country

  19. Video • Client Psychology • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_g8R1pOfa4

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