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How your vision changes with Age PowerPoint Presentation
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How your vision changes with Age

How your vision changes with Age

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How your vision changes with Age

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  1. How your vision changes with Age With age multiple physical changes occur in our body, just as the strength and potential decreases similar would be the changes related to your eyes. The vision changes become normal and several other effects related to your vision might also come to being. While there might be times when people are concerned about their young one’s eye health they might not realize that over the time their own vision is also being affected. The vision is likely to cause other problems and can degrade the quality of life over time. The aging effects our eyes when certain changes begin to occur. The major changes include: • Effect of peripheral vision This might be one of the most commonly noticed effects as aging often leads to loss of peripheral vision. The degree of loss becomes high with age. This loss will not only cause problem in normal vision routines but can also lead to serious consequences like accidents while driving. • Loss of sensitivity to colors No matter how perfectly you learnt all those colors in school, you might start recognizing them as you age. Especially the colors which have slight variation in RGB

  2. proportion are hard to recognize and work upon. This is due to the fact that the cells in our eyes that produce differentiation amongst colors begin to slow down their production rate and often get old with the age. • The light source As you grow old you might require more light or another bigger source of light to focus more on object rather than you required earlier. This is because the adaptability of our eyes to light changes. You will often notice some sort of problem or high focusing requirements if you are making light transitions that is going from light to dark or vice versa and adapting to the same becomes difficult. • The spots and floaters are often visible With age the gel inside your eyes begins to pull away from retina and usually is visible in the form of spots and floaters. The condition is not really harmful for your eyes but is one of the sign that comes with aging. The condition is also termed as vitreous detachment. The problem does not cause any potential harm but can be a symptom for other problems like detached retina which often leads to blindness in old age. • The font size bothers you Once the font size that was normal to you might have become obsolete with time. This is one of the most common consequence that eye vision observes with aging. If you feel like increasing the font size of your newspaper or the text on your screen, well it is the time to consult an optometrist at the earliest. Usually myopia or short sightedness is observed with aging. The changes or the signs of aging might be normal but the need of the hour is to monitor them and moreover keep a constant check on them. Visiting an optometrist regularly will help you know the correct state of your eyes currently and take proper steps for eye vision and health maintenance. No matter what is your current age you must visit an eye specialist for annual and semiannual appointments so that as you age your eyes remain healthy and moreover young. Call us at : 9057993514