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It’s time, people!

It’s time, people!. There are only a few weeks left in the semester and you know what that means: Final projects, final exams, final this, final that, awards banquets, elections, saying goodbye, packing up, moving out and… Finding a job. Cool Summer Job.

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It’s time, people!

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  1. It’s time, people! • There are only a few weeks left in the semester and you know what that means: • Final projects, final exams, final this, final that, awards banquets, elections, saying goodbye, packing up, moving out and… • Finding a job.

  2. Cool Summer Job If you have wanderlust… Travel-for-payA website called Roadrat.com dubs itself "The World's Greatest Travel-For Pay Secret". This site explains the hidden world of the vehicle delivery business. You can sign up to work directly for manufacturers, transporter companies or RV vehicle companies to drive their cars, RV's, ambulances and school buses all over the country.This is the perfect job for summer breaks. You can see the country and get paid for it. Your employer also provides lodging and food expenses. According to Roadrat.com, when you have completed the delivery, you are also provided with a return airline ticket back home. All “Cool Summer Jobs” from: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/649279/best_cool_summer_jobs_for_college_students_pg2.html?cat=9

  3. Cool Summer Job If you belong in the spotlight… • Convention worker/movie extra Another exciting job is working as a movie extra or event model/worker. This type of employment works best if your college is in a large city or if you are located in an area with a large convention business. Conventions or events such as auto, boat or home improvement shows often need temporary workers to help with the ticketing, displays or food concessions. The way to get your name in circulation for this type of job is to sign up with casting agents, modeling agencies and the convention centers.

  4. Cool Summer Job If you ‘want to see Russia from your back yard’… Summer in Alaska How about spending your summer in Alaska? A website devoted to this goal is www.alaska-summer-jobs.com. According to this sight, you can work at salmon processing plants and canneries. On this Alaska job website, there are also fishing lodge jobs, tour guide jobs and construction jobs. There are endless ways to make your summer vacation adventurous and earn money at the same time!

  5. Cool Summer Job If you have 6 months on your hands… Club Med A great way to spend a semester off or your first six months after graduation is to work at the resort Club Med. According to the website www.aplus-summerjobs.com, the pay is approximately $530 a month and the minimum commitment is 6 months. Club Med has over 100 worldwide locations. Some of the jobs include carpenter, tour guides, entertainers, sports instructors, bartenders, nurses, nannies, and retail staff.Besides your monthly salary, food and lodging are free and you are permitted to use the resort's facilities at no charge on your time off. After one season of employment, you can apply to work on their cruise ship.

  6. How to find and secure a summer job… Get Help. Check with the Career Services Office and ask how they can assist with your summer job search. Resume or Not? If you are applying via mail or email you will need to submit a resume. If you are applying in person, bring a resume if you have one. If not, be prepared to complete an application. References Ready. Have a list of a few references ready to give to interviewers. Baby-sitting and volunteer references are fine, if you haven't worked before. Hit the Road. Interested in working at a local amusement park, beach or park or at a retail store in town or at the mall? One of the best ways to find this type of summer job is by applying in person. Plan on spending some time visiting potential job sites and filling out applications. Check the Newspaper. Don't forget to check the Help Wanted ads in your newspaper and in small local papers like The Pennysaver. Networking Works. Networking isn't just for full-time employment. Tell everyone you know you are looking for a summer job, you never know who might be able to help you out. Don't Wait. Summer jobs often get fill fast, so getting going on your job search! http://jobsearch.about.com/od/summerjobs/a/summerjob.htm

  7. Smell funny. • Yup, you read right. There are people who smoke a pack of cigarettes, go to the gym (and don’t shower) or pour on the cologne before a job interview. Nothing turns the stomach of a hiring manager quite like a smelly candidate. • Dress like a slob. • Why are you dressed like you’re about to head out to the beach? This is a job interview. Put away your belly shirts, sweat pants and flip flops. If you want a summer job, then you need to dress professionally. • Hiring managers say: “Wear job appropriate clothing to the interview. Leave all the face, tongue piercings at home for the interview. First impressions make a huge difference in getting that job.” • Show up late. • Seriously? You might as well not even show up if you can’t show up on time. And forget whatever excuse you just came up with. The hiring manager isn’t buying it. If you really want a summer job, you’ll do what it takes to arrive early. • Bring your cell phone. • You definitely shouldn’t even have your cell phone in an interview, let alone answer it if it rings. Answering your cell phone while in an interview (or texting) shows disrespect to the interviewer and a lack of interest in the job. Turn it on silent or better yet, leave it at home. • Hiring managers say: ““Get to the interview on time. Speak correctly. Turn off cell phone. No gum. Be enthusiastic.” • Have an attitude. • Here’s the cold, hard truth: employers don’t owe you anything, and copping an attitude will get you nowhere. Be positive, outgoing and friendly. Show an interest in the company and the job. And if they tell you no, don’t get upset. You never know, making a good impression now could mean getting a job in your future. • Hiring managers say: “Come with a positive attitude and do your research about the job BEFORE you come for an interview.” • Give up. • Just because you didn’t get the job you wanted doesn’t mean there isn’t another great job out there for you. The people who get the summer jobs are persistent. They apply early and often, do their research and show up to every interview with a positive attitude. • Hiring managers say: “Present yourself with a clean and upbeat resume. Be persistent and don't let a few initial failures set you back.” (http://www.snagajob.com/summer-jobs/how-not-to-get-a-summer-job.aspx) How to not get a summer job… (or any job for that matter)

  8. Submitted by Carianne MengSummer Housing Assistant and Residence Hall DirectorUniversity of Saint Francis

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