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ALICE a TeV-ek orsz ágában PowerPoint Presentation
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ALICE a TeV-ek orsz ágában

ALICE a TeV-ek orsz ágában

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ALICE a TeV-ek orsz ágában

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  1. ALICE aTeV-ekországában ALICE a TEVÉK országában

  2. Kérdés: Tevék országában vagyunk-e? Tudományos sivatag Financiális sivatag Társadalmi közöny, érdektelenség sivataga PAST TRIUMPHS

  3. ALICE in WONDERLAND of CERN LHC Technikai Csodák Palotája A SEMMI ÖRVÉNyÉBEN Szörfözés az AETER hullámain ALICE through the LOOKING GLAS 100 év részecskefizika a tükörben ÁBEL a RENGETEGBEN Mit keresnek a magyarok az LHC-ban?

  4. To enlarge the horizontal size of this frame, click on the border and drag it on the left. Click on one of the points to see a picture of the surface buildings

  5. Belépés a Csodák Palotájába Sezám tárulj!! ALICE in WONDERLAND

  6. Az Univerzum leghidegebb es legmelegebb pontja Világűr 2.73 K LHC 1.9 K 27km*.5m2=15 ezer m3 DIPOLMAGNES 1250 db r = 7 fm d = r/3100 4 Peta eV/ fm3 200*3100= 620,000 TeV 200*3100= 620,000 TeV 1 200 TeV / 7*7 p * 7/3100= 0,3 fm3

  7. Highest luminosity: ÁTLAGBAN 1 ütközés/ nanosecond

  8. w â ˆ ‚

  9. A SEMMI ÖRVÉNyÉBEN Newton: absolute space AND absolute time Mach,Leibnitz: relational to all other objects, üres térben nincs gyorsulás,tömeg Einstein: spec.rel-ben absolute space-time ált.rel–ben acceleration is relational to gravitation: spacetime is A something Before QM and Higgs: They specified the benchmark for defining accelerations Higgs Ocean = Asymmetric solution for symmetic theory Higgs-field condenses at 10**15 K (10**-11 sec) NO mass before NOW we know: WHY objects resist accelerations????

  10. A VÁKUUM ANYAGA A természetes rádióaktivitás felfedezése óta nem fedeztünk fel semmiféle új anyagfajtát a He atommag kvarkokból - sugárzás: b - sugárzás: Elektron nyaláb g - sugárzás: Foton nyaláb HIGGS-BOZON tölti ki az egész teret Ha nem lenne Higgs, akkor nem lenne tömeg

  11. Mennyi a valami? Az elektron pontszerű részecske: az elektronhéj az üres(!!) Az atom és mag sugarának aránya: 1OO OOO. A valami aránya a semmihez: O.OOO OOO OOO OOO OO1. Az üres atom Az atommagban pontszerű kvarkok vannak, de pontosan mérhető a sugara.

  12. Simulated detection of Higgs particle


  14. A A[lep] A[had] Lepton=elektron Hadron=proton(quark) Through the LOOKING GLAS: Nr. 1. Rutherford 1910

  15. A[had/lep] A[h/l][anti] A[h/l][rész] Through the LOOKING GLAS: Nr. 2. Anderson 1930

  16. A[h/l][rész/anti] ISOSPIN A[h/l][r/a][iso-down] A[h/l][r/a][iso-up] neutron, neutrino proton, electron Through the LOOKING GLAS: Nr. 3. Chadwick 1932,Pauli 1931

  17. A[h/l][r/a][u/d] SPIN A[h/l][r/a][u/d][left] A[h/l][r/a][u/d][right] Through the LOOKING GLAS: Nr. 4. Uhlenbeck 1926

  18. A[h/l][r/a][u/d][l/r] A[h/l][r/a][u/d][l/r][0] lepton-color-singlet A[h/l][r/a][u/d][l/r][r/b/g] quark-color triplet Through the LOOKING GLAS: Nr. 5.

  19. Three generation: A[h/l][r/a][u/d][l/r][0/r,b,g][flavour] charm,beauty Ting 1974, Lederman 1977 Through the LOOKING GLAS: Nr. “6.5”.

  20. FERMION: 3 * 32 = 96 BOSON: Vector: g, Z, W+,W-, 8gluons = 12 Scalar: H = 1 Number of elementary particles in SM: 109 Nem sok ez egy kicsit???? Mengyelejevnek elég volt 66 elem.

  21. the STANDARD MODEL It describes all fundamental particles of our Universe As far as we know them at present … They are controlled by UNIVERSAL laws of physics … There are (at least) 26 constants of Nature 12 masses, 3 coupling strengths, 11 mixing parameters Some of these are left – right asymmetric ! And we know that this theory isincomplete …

  22. Why is the universe constructed with this range of seemingly random numbers? Why do the elementary particles have just the right properties to allow nuclear process to happen, stars to light up, planets to form around stars, and on at least one such planet, life to exist? In string theory, particle properties are determined by string vibrational patterns.

  23. Van-e még valami a tükör mögött???? Through the LOOKING GLAS: Nr. ?????.


  25. brane Van-e még valami a tükör mögött???? string brane Witten: Braneworld M-Theory Through the LOOKING GLAS: Nr. xx.

  26. The Black Hole

  27. Are black holes just “elementary particles”? Are elementary particles just “black holes”? Imploding matter Hawking particles Black hole “particle”

  28. y y x Black holes and extra dimensions 4-d world on “D -brane” Horizon of “Big Hole” “Little Hole”

  29. Ábel a rengetegben Mit tehet egy magyar fizikus egy globalizált fizikában??????

  30. Az ALICE adatgyűjtő rendszere DDL

  31. Planck length : Today’s Limit … The highway across the desert GUTs Super partners

  32. Fact 3) The combined strands of the superconducting cable being produced for the LHC would go around the equator 6.8 times. If you added all the filaments of the strands together they would stretch to the sun and back 5 times with enough left over for a few trips to the moon. Fact 6) The ATLAS cavern could hold the nave of Notre Dam cathedral. Fact 7) When the 27km long circular tunnel at CERN was excavated, between lake Geneva and the Jura mountain range, the two ends met up with just one centimetre of error. Fact 10) The Large Hadron Collider at CERN could be the most ambitious scientific undertaking ever. The results of LHC experiments will probably change our fundamental knowledge of the universe. Fact 16) CERN is the world's largest laboratory dedicated to the pursuit of fundamental science. Fact 21) If the Higgs boson exists the LHC will be able to make this particle detectable. Confirming or contradicting the first evidence of the Higgs particle is an exciting prospect! Fact 29) The Grid is a service for sharing computer power and data storage capability over the Internet. Its ultimate aim is to turn the global network of computers into one vast computational resource. Fact 30) Verification of the theory that explains why the sun shines – the weak force - is one of CERN’s biggest achievements. Fact 31) The discovery of the neutral current was announced at CERN in 1973. The theory was finally confirmed in 1983 with the direct observation of W and Z particles. . Fact 41) In 2003, 6.1% of traffic at Geneva International Airport was related to CERN, a total of 54 868 passengers. Understanding all of the different forces of nature within one framework is one of the ultimate goals of physics. Decades of experiments at CERN are working towards this. 99.999999999999% of an atom’s volume is empty space. If the proton were a pea, the electron would be in the back of the strands at Old Trafford. When protons arrive in the LHC they are travelling at 0.999997828 times the speed of light. Each proton goes around the 27km ring over 11 000 times a second. The proton beam of the LHC will have an energy  equivalent to a person in a Subaru driving at 16 000mph.

  33. Higgs a román boltiv ZÁRÓKÖVE Ha nem találjuk, akkor az SM összeomlik Alternativ megoldás: 3*4 = 12 gyufa kell 4 háromszöghöz. Hogyan lehet 6-ból 4-t csinálni??? At high enough temperatures Higgs ocean evaporates:no difference EM-Weak In LHC Higgs particles knocked out as energetic underwater collisions can knock H2O molecules out of the Atlantic.

  34. VIRGO Gascina (near Pisa) 3+ 3 km

  35. Dark MATTER In order to have approximately flat universe now, some mechanism must have tuned the matter-energy density of the early universe extraordinary close to the critical density. Inflation cures the original curvature. proton-neutron matter less than 5 % Zwicky 193O something holds back distant fast-moving galaxies. Detailed studies gives the same problems for stars inside galaxies. Nonluminous matter 25% is required. Candidates: netrino less than 1%, axions? WIMPs Weakly Interacting Massive Particles from big bang SUSY: photino,zino,higgsino...etc.