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Lets Celebrate! PowerPoint Presentation
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Lets Celebrate!

Lets Celebrate!

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Lets Celebrate!

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  1. Lets Celebrate! Jen Hammonds Middle School Counselor American School of Doha

  2. Enduring Understandings • Self care is vital to health and well-being • There is value in learning how to care for self and for others • There is always something to celebrate • There is value in learning how to celebrate self and others

  3. Essential Questions • Why is self care important? • How do you care for yourself? How do you care for others? • Why is celebrating important? • How do you celebrate yourself? How do you celebrate others?

  4. What is self care? “Self care is a way of living that incorporates behaviors that help you to be refreshed, replenish your personal motivation, and grow as a person. It’s the equivalent of keeping your car filled with gas so that you are ready to ‘motor’ when you want to go somewhere.” - Counseling Center NC State University

  5. Learning Activity • Take a moment. Think about all the things you came today thinking about, your “to do list”, your worries, etc. • Close your eyes. Maybe you can learn to “let go” and to take care of yourself. Maybe you can learn to celebrate yourself. • Open your eyes. Create a maybe page for yourself.

  6. Why care for yourself? • Builds commitment to your goals • Increases your positive motivation • Pumps up inner confidence and develops a hopeful attitude • Reinforces your desired behaviors • Helps you stay positive • Helps you become more open to receiving support

  7. What is a celebration? • Definitions to consider: “A special enjoyable event that is organized with the purpose of promoting well-being.” “Celebrations make you feel grateful of yourself because they remind you of all the great things that you’ve done.” -Sydney Hammonds (second grader) • Key points to consider: Celebrations integrate mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and natural experiences. Celebrations occur daily, weekly, monthly, yearly…

  8. Self Celebrations • How do you care for and celebrate yourself? Connect mentally - A positive self statement Connect physically – Take a warm bath, play outside Connect emotionally – Spend time with a pet/ give yourself a gift Connect spiritually – Express your creativity, pray, yoga, 10 second breathing Connect naturally – Go for a walk, pick flowers, play in water

  9. Self Care & Celebrations • Why do you need to care for and celebrate yourself? • You are more motivated to tackle new tasks • You become more open to receiving support • You develop stronger identities • You are better able to adapt and manage times of change • You are able to manage stress Adapted from outside sources

  10. Celebrating Others • How could you celebrate others? Connect mentally – Leave your child an encouraging note Connect physically – Create a celebration space for awards/acknowledgements Connect emotionally – Play a family game. Laugh together. Connect spiritually – Celebrate birthday Connect naturally – Give your child a spot in your garden to grow something of his/her choice

  11. Learning Activity • Bear • Giraffe • Fish • Bee • Super Frog • Cow • Cat • Dog • Shark

  12. Family Celebrations • Why create family celebrations? • Celebrations and traditions are related to parenting competence, child adjustment, and marital satisfaction • Helps families manage times of change • Allows families to pass values and beliefs through generations • Gives family members a sense of belonging • Provides family members a comfortable support during crises and difficult times • Family traditions are directly related to psychological health and well-being From outside research

  13. Wheel of Celebration

  14. Recomendations • • • The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman • Third Culture Kids by David Pollock and Ruth Van Reken • Sark’s Journal and Play! Book by SARK • Journal to the Soul by Rose Offner

  15. Works Cited • The online Self Improvement Encyclopedia • • • • • Journal of Family Psychology – A Review of 50 Years of Research on Naturally Occurring Family Routines and Rituals: Cause for Celebration?