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Kverneland Accord Tine Seeder Evolution TS EVO

Kverneland Accord Tine Seeder Evolution TS EVO. Product Information 2015. Kverneland Accord TS EVO Mounted Tine Seeder. TS EVO - Content. Standard equipment Frame Wheels Tines Road position Pneumatic system Seed drill control systems Configuration Optional equipment

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Kverneland Accord Tine Seeder Evolution TS EVO

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  1. Kverneland Accord Tine Seeder EvolutionTS EVO Product Information 2015

  2. Kverneland Accord TS EVOMounted Tine Seeder

  3. TS EVO - Content • Standard equipment • Frame • Wheels • Tines • Road position • Pneumatic system • Seed drill control systems • Configuration • Optional equipment • Technical data • Main advantages

  4. TS EVO - Version with rear hopper • Available in working width of 4/ 4,8/ 5/ 5,6/ 6 m • 5 rows of tines • Hopper content : 1200l, 1700l und 2200l • Transport width : 3m • Power requirement: 110 to 180 HP

  5. TS EVO - Standard equipment Hopper (1200 l / 1700 l / 2200 l) fully opening • Fan drive : • mechanical : • 540 / 750 / 1000 1/min: • TS EVO ≤ 5m • 1000 1/min: TS EVO > 5m • hydraulic : 1 sa Valve with • pressure- less return line 5 Row tine layout Kverneland Accord metering system positioned at the machine side for easy access Rear equipment 1st configuration : leveling harrow 2nd configuration : leveling harrow + press wheels • Wheel equipment • centre wheels : 2x 11.5/80-15.3 (10 PR) • extension wheels : 2x 20.5x8.0-10 (6 PR)

  6. TS EVO - Frame 4 m • 3 section frame • Coupling • Cat. II and III • Top-link with additional slotted hole • Rigid frame (in working position) • Horizontal folding track markers with overload protection (from our big sized seed drills) • Seed depth adjustment • 2 Floatation tyres 11.5/80-15.3 (10 PR) (from Optima trailed frame) • Tool-less adjustment of the seed depth • Depth indicator on each adjustment point

  7. TS EVO - Frame > 4 m • Seed depth adjustment • 2 Floatation tyres 11.5/80-15.3 (10 PR) (Optima trailed frame) • 2 Wing support tyres 20.5x8.0-10 (6 PR) • Seed depth adjustment without any tools • Depth indicator on each adjustment point • 3 section frame with floating wings • Coupling • Cat. II and III • Toplink with additional slot hole • Wing support wheels 20.5x8.0-10 (6 PR) • Depth adjustment of the wing support wheels without any tools • Horizontal folding track markers (from MSC)

  8. TS EVO – Frame and tine positioning • 5 rows of tines • 5 Rows of tines as standard • Tine placement for uniform soil finish • Tines placed in front of each wheel • ensures a smoother ride • provides the ultimate in ground contour following  Open tine layout for blockage free work

  9. excellent ground following ability TS EVO - Wheels mounted in the centre • Excellent ground contour following • Minimal distance between wheels and tines • Tire inflation pressure 1bar • Stable working under any conditions • Seeding tines in front of the wheels are leveling rough soil resulting in: • smoother ride without bouncing • allows cross sowing of cultivated fields • improved seed placing and depth control

  10. TS EVO - Depth adjustment The press wheel pressure is also adjusted by turnbuckles. When the turnbuckles are completely shortened the press wheels are in lifted position. The depth adjustment is done using 4 turnbuckles. Clear scales on each adjustment point the seed depth can be precisely adjusted for all wheels.

  11. TS EVO - Seeding tine • Auto reset seeding tines • Strong tine with micro vibration for precise seeding depth and low pulling force • 50 kg Auto-reset breakaway force • The Kverneland leaf-spring auto reset tine allows to overcome even the largest obstacles • Two different coulter tip: • Straight coulter tip as standard - all-round coulter also for stony conditions • Reversible coulter tip optional – creates down force in tough conditions Optional Reversible Coulter Tip Straight Coulter Tip

  12. TS EVO - Road transport Side wings are locked in transport position 3 m Lighting equipment in accordance with EU road regulations (optional extra)

  13. The metering unit conveys the seeds to the injector where it is mixed with the air stream 1 2 The air blows the seeds trough the diffuser tube 3 The seeds are distributed equally to all seeding coulters Seed rate can be adjusted from 2 to 350kg/ha. 4 5 All kind of seeds can be seeded from grass up to maize. 6 No change of cell wheel needed Pneumatic system: Kverneland Accord seed distribution system Normal dosing Micro dosing

  14. TS EVO - Side positioning of the metering device • Like the I-Drill Pro the TS EVO now comes with the unique and patented side positioning of the metering device. • This positioning means the operator has the advantage of : • Easy access to the dosing unit • Simple seed rate adjustment • Fast hopper emptying

  15. TS EVO - Metering unit Metering device with side positioning (i-drill system) Metering device The positioning of the metering device makes the calibration easy and simple. All adjustments can be done without climbing over the machine. ESA- electrical drive continuously variable seed amount for Focus and IsoMatch Metering device drive The metering drive shaft does not need to be disconnected prior to folding. The main wheel is driving the metering unit. On the headland the wheel brake is applied. Access to the hopper The large loading step provides safe access to the hopper for filling and calibration. The metered seed from the calibration test can be safely returned back in the hopper.

  16. TS EVO – Standard accessories Tool Box User friendly positioned below the hopper Store for the calibration kit and more Calibration Kit Calibration kit (scale and bag) is delivered as standard equipment

  17. TS EVO - Seed hopper • Hopper volume: • 1200l as standard • 1700l with one extension • 2200l with two extensions • Large safe loading platform • and access steps

  18. TS EVO – Frame with DF-2 Front Hopper • 6m workingwidth • 40 or 48 coulters • Signusor ESA system • 2 distributionheads

  19. TS EVO - Seed drill control systems FGS SIGNUS FOCUS II IsoMatch Tellus With electric metering device drive ISOBUS (ISO 11783) With mechanical metering device drive

  20. TS EVO – IsoMatch Tellus The next generation universal ISOBUS Terminal – IsoMatch Tellus • Two ISOBUS interfaces in one terminal • Multifunctional ergonomic design • ISOBUS Shortcut Button (ICB) The IsoMatch Tellus is the first ISOBUS terminal in the world with the capability to operate different machines on 2 screens through 1 terminal, without the need to constantly toggle between screens.

  21. TS EVO - Rear equipment • Tine Harrow (8mm Ø) • Staggered in 2 rows • One kit for each frame segment • Pressure and angle adjustable Precise harrow (Standard) Finger harrow (Option)

  22. TS EVO - Rear equipment V-shape harrow tines (Ø 10mm) + Press wheels 360 x 50mm • V-shape harrow tines (10mm Ø) • Positioned in front of the press wheels • Depth adjustment independent of the press wheels

  23. TS EVO - Rear equipment V-shape harrow tines (Ø 10mm) + Press wheels 360 x 50mm • Press wheels Ø 360 x 50mm ( MSC) • Press wheels for both tine distances (12.5cm and 15cm) • Step-less pressure adjustment, no tools needed • In wet condition the press wheels can be lifted clear of the ground

  24. TS EVO - Track markers (Option) • Horizontal folding for unhindered hopper access • Centre marking • Shear-bolt overload system • Notched disc for effective marking in heavy mulch conditions

  25. TS EVO - Optional equipment Track eradicator Leveling bar (Clod Board) • Hydraulic adjustment • Master & Slave cylinder system • 3 Segments • straight version max. 2 Pair possible • Goosefoot version max 1 Pair possible • Auto reset system • Positioning according track width

  26. TS EVO - Optional equipment Half width shut off ISOBUS system • TS EVO with ISOBUS electric metering • device drive and control equipment for direct • connection to compliant tractor terminals • Available for all TS EVO from • 4 to 6m working widths

  27. TS EVO - Technical data (*) Standard equipment • Hopper filling height: • 2.18m with 1200l hopper volume • 2.41m with 1700l hopper volume • 2.64m with 2200l hopper volume

  28. TS EVO - Main arguments • Ideal for Conservation Tillage Systems • No “Hair pinning effect” due to tine instead of disc arrangement – the tine cleans the furrow from residues (e.g. straw). • Kverneland leaf spring Auto-Reset • Only micro vibration of the tine it never leaves its seeding depth unless the tine hits an obstacle. • 3 Section frame for optimum ground adaption • No tools are required for machine adjustment. Scales on each turnbuckle make depth adjustments very quick and simple • Side positioning of the metering unit makes the calibration test as easy as possible • All adjustments can be done with both feet on the ground. • Safe and easy setting and operation. • Large basic hopper volume of 1200l extendable to 1700l or 2200l (500l ext) • 5 rows of tines as standard equipment for superior trash clearance • Large main drill wheels for reduced pulling force and smoother ride • Positioning of the wheels within the frame. Ultimate in ground contour adaption. • New TS EVO, better than the competition!

  29. Kverneland Accord TS EVO Seeding combination: The cost efficient alternative!

  30. visit us at www.kvernelandgroup.com The Future of Farming www.kverneland.com See our Machines at work on YouTube

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