building brand for universities in vietnam in the context of international economic integration n.
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Building Brand for Universities in Vietnam in the context of international economic integration PowerPoint Presentation
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Building Brand for Universities in Vietnam in the context of international economic integration

Building Brand for Universities in Vietnam in the context of international economic integration

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Building Brand for Universities in Vietnam in the context of international economic integration

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  1. Building Brand for Universities in Vietnam in the context of international economic integration Mai Trong Nhuan, Prof, PhD Phung Xuan Nha, Associate Prof, PhD Pham Hong Tung, Associate Prof, PhD Tran Viet Dung, MBA VIETNAM NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, HANOI Nhatrang 10-11/8/2009

  2. Main content • Some issues about Brand • Brand for Universities • Brand Structures – Experiences from international Universities and VNU • Brand Strategy for Universities • Managing Universities’ Brand • Criteria to evaluate the university’s brand • Difficulties and Threats in building and developing university’s brand • Solutions to build university’s brand

  3. Brand for BusinessConcepts According to American Marketing Association: Brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of other sellers. According to Patricia F. Nicolino: Brand is a identifiable entity that create specific promises about VALUE

  4. Importance and Roles of Brand For Customers: • Specify the origin (of the products or services) • Place the responsibility for the producers • Decrease risks in consuming • Save the cost in finding (good products, services) • Express Personal Value • Be assured of the good or service’s QUALITY

  5. Importance and Roles of Brand For Organization: • A tool to identify and differentiate (the products, services) • A means to protect organization’s advantages legally • Affirm the QUALITY • Set the organization’s image into customers’ mind • Being a competitive advantage • Being source for profit making

  6. Brand- Identified Process Brand becomes a BIG Property Brand Loyalty Experiencing the Quality Identifying the Brand Knowing the Brand

  7. ONE Brand model Many CHILDREN Brands in ONE MOTHER Brand model FAMILY Brand model Brand- Structure

  8. Why do Universities need Brand? • Some suspicion about Brand for Universities: “Commercializing the Education?”,“Make Universities to turn into Businesses in the market?” • Knowledge - Based Economy and International Competitive Environment in Education and Technology • Competitive to have more resources for development • Competitive to create more high-tech products • Competitive to “consume” the “products” in the best way • Competitive to have a best position in the international education and technology system • … Therefore, brand strategy is very necessary for a university to build and preserve its reputation, to enhance its competitive capability, and to strengthen its development. Brand is an important property that need to be managed and developed

  9. University Brand - Concept In a wide meaning “University Brand is a collection of elements that create the reputation and competitive capability for a University” In a narrower meaning “University Brand is external elements (name, logo, slogan….) that display the reputation and competitive capability of a university Foundation for a university’s brand strategy Foundation for criteria that managing and exploiting the university brand 20/08/2014 9

  10. University Brand- Main Elements Training Quality University’s Reputation Quality of scientific technological activities Quality of “Intelligent” services 10

  11. University Brand- Main Elements Tradition, History University’s Prestige High Quality Educational Products High Quality Scientific Products Leading Scientists Awards High Competitive Capability High Ranking

  12. University Brand- Roles of building University Brand • For Customers: • Potential Learners • Current Students • Alumna • For management organizations, sponsors…. • For the USERS of “educational and scientific products” • For the university itself

  13. International experiences(identify university brand)

  14. INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCEBrand Structure HAVARD UNIVERSITY(Family structure and each child’s brand exist quite independently)

  15. BRAND STRUCTUREVIETNAM NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, HANOI1st choice: Family structure and each child’s brand exist quite independently Other directed under Faculties, Centers and Institutes VNU currently has 31 directly under units, this picture is only the example of the university’s brand structure

  16. BRAND STRUCTUREVIETNAM NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, HANOI 2nd choice: Mother – Children Structure. VNU Brand is the basic for other brands Other Faculties, Centers and Institutes

  17. Managing Multi-brand VNU • Creating strong, effective brands • Allocating resources appropriately in building brand for different universities • Creating synergy, avoiding confused image about brands • Enhancing VNU’s Brand Value and brand of its Colleges, Institutes and Centers • Creating resources for the development in the future • …

  18. University Brand Strategy- Objectives • Building and Preserving its Reputation • Enhance its competitive capability • Strengthen its development sustainable

  19. University Brand Strategy- main contents • Determine Brand Structure • Create Reputation and Prestige • Commit the Quality and Standards • Attract and diversify developing resources • Attract Talent • Create logo, slogan, symbol etc…… • Develop alumni, sponsor network etc… • Build and develop community culture • Have Brand’s developing regulations • Have image developing policy

  20. Managing University Brand Educational/ Scientific Products active, flexible, diversified, forward to the future Educational/ Scientific Products Marketing/ Identification Students Students Highly respected as valuable customers Long-term Strategy, honest, consistence Marketing/ Identification 20/08/2014 MBA Trần Việt Dũng 20

  21. Criteria to evaluate University Brand • Criteria about leading and innovating ability • Criteria about training quality • Criteria about scientific research quality • Criteria about service quality • Criteria about educational programs and lecturers • Criteria about brand communication activities • Criteria about the Public Awareness of the University brand

  22. Difficulties and Challenges in building and developing university brand • Awareness about the importance of building university brand • Developing level of university education locally and internationally • Quality Assurance • Policies • Infrastructure • Human resources • …

  23. Solution to build university brand • Solutions about organisation, structure • Solutions about psychology • Solutions about managing and sharing resources • Solutions about organizing scientific tecnological activities • Solutions about organizing educational activities • Solutions about advertising and preserving IMAGE • Other special solutions

  24. Conclusion • In competitive environment, Enterprises and Universities both need a brand strategy – Brand strategy is a part of developing strategy • University Brand expresses Reputation and Competitive Capability(Value of a university is considered by training, research and service quality…) • Each university should develop its own brand strategy and brand management method • VNU is a multi-discipline, multi-field university, it should choose a effective multi-brand managing method. • Mother-Children Structure need a solidarity (not homogeneity) to create common reputation and synergy

  25. THANK FOR YOUR ATTENTION! 20/08/2014 MBA Trần Việt Dũng 25