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  2. In a new world where money is every thing tony Montana takes over the world for his self and his partner Goku.

  3. I Goku must help get all the money back to the boss tony but how am I suppose to do it when there is hundreds of people who took it and its only me and tony how!!!!! I got it I will use my highly stable powers to destroy them ahahahahahahahaha.

  4. I stole tony’s money and its nothing he can do about it and I don’t care I bet that little monkey is going to come back for it with his gun. Men depart the guns and all the other weapons I will stop that monkey. Name - King Nixon

  5. I don’t have to listen to him guy’s he’s not my boss I will kill him and get that money!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or I will die trying. I better hope no one heard that they might tell their boss.

  6. I hear about you trying to take the bosses money you are gonna need a partner I'm interested if you need one or I can make an arrangement and tell the boss and you know me and the bosses power level is way way stronger than yours.

  7. Ok you win your in we just have to get the money and probably kill the boss but Tony and Goku are coming so how are we suppose to get the money Tony’s gonna chase us down. Name – Alpha

  8. I don’t know how I know Tony and Goku are gonna get us but we can get out of the city right now if we hurry. Name – code B

  9. Being a Guard stinks I can get killed at any time of the day its like I can die 24/7 like seriously I need a real life other than working for this creep.(intense ki blasting) What no!!! Don’t kill me. Alpha please.

  10. You want to work for me vegetunks.

  11. Yes are you doing what I all ways thought of doing rob the boss.

  12. Yeah but we couldn’t kill him there are lots of soilders in there that protected him lets go before he figured out that we got out hurry.

  13. Episode 2 Of Dragonball DISCOVERIES King Nixon sends his daughter after Alpha and his crew.

  14. Katrina you wanna help me do a favor to get my money back because you know I haven't made you do anything for quite a long time all you have to do is chase down your lover Alpha and kill him.

  15. Ok Daddy but if I kill the handsome Alpha who am I suppose to look at when I'm depressed o well never mind I just want a new doll house. Name - Katrina

  16. Tony I'm out to kill Nixon and his crew I don’t need your help I will use my stable powers to destroy them its no need to bring your gun they have powers like me they will kill you so stay here.

  17. I was going to stay here any way I have recruited 4 new soilders that will help you other than that I will stay at the mansion (doors open)gentlemen.

  18. Super elite jack / Gt muscle / Omega freak / green freak

  19. We are the best top warriors we work for tony and you must be Goku Tony’s lacky.

  20. I'm not a lacky I been in this business longer than you I learned everything I need to know to beat all of you even when yawl all are coming after me.

  21. Sorry for interrupting but I'm here to join this excellent group I'm highly skilled in the art of hero mechanism. Name – SAIYAN MAN

  22. Ok and your partner behind you can join to if he wants to.

  23. Sorry but I'm not with him I was sent to join and yes I want to join I was first hired by a crazy maniac who told me to work for you Tony. Name – Gohan

  24. Since yawl are all here I gotta say something I use to be friends with Nixon until a terrible accident we was playing tag I know tag is not usual for me but I was only 7 a meteorite came and hit him I tried to go help him but the meteor was so intense that 1 step closer I thought I would die he appeared to be suffocating I went to go get help but when we got back he wasn’t there the news said he was dead and turned into dust with the intenseness of the meteorite so I vowed to bring him back and when I was 16 we met at a junior high school I was going to class and I recognized him by his scars from the meteor I went to say hi but when I got over there I think he used his powers from the meteor at me and he disappeared fast and that’s it.

  25. Come on men we don’t have that much time Tony we wont kill him we might hurt him but we are not going to kill him we don’t wanna kill your former friend come men.

  26. EPISODE 3: THE FURIOUS BATTLE AWAITS While Goku and his men go out to find Nixon they wont know what other battle their up against.

  27. We can stop here rest hey wait I sense a power level that I think I know coming straight for us its her Katrina Nixon’s daughter she always follow me everywhere I go she lies and says she looks at me when she's depressed.

  28. She might not be here to admire you Nixon probably had hired her to kill you just stay on guard Alpha.

  29. Hi Alpha I'm here to admire you on you leaving you dragged these 2 losers with you I wont tell daddy on you 2 but it can work I feel bad for you being hated for taking fathers money matter fact just give me 8,000 and we can call it even ok Alpha.

  30. No get your own money I only took the money to prove to your dad that he’s not the only one with power and even a inch of the money back to him will be a failure to my goal so leave Katrina.

  31. You made the wrong decision Alpha I guess I will have to kill you with this one attack (attack mode) girly blast cannon if that’s not enough full power relief (Katrina’s power leveled up)

  32. Alpha- defense cannon Vegetunks- fire ray Code-B ghost magician attack.

  33. We will all go in through the front there will be a lot of soilders in there so this will be are final stand.

  34. If you need our help we will be in the building looking to see if anyone is inside.

  35. On three I open the door and do the kamehameha the rest of you know that to do 1………2………3 kamehamehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .

  36. Move in men we have lots of ground to cover while gokus going in after Nixon move out Green freak- plasma energy ray Gt Muscle – supersonic blast Super elite jack – destroy beam Omega freak – classic galic gun.

  37. Double Sunday (attacks Rashili hero Ali ) now lets take care of your friend. Name – Junior Nixon

  38. You not going to attack me (ready to attack) Super Punch Ali are you ok speak to me.

  39. I can get up I know what I’m doing I need to be on the top of the roof so I can get shocked by lightning when I get shocked I evolve into a more powerful warrior it only last for a short amount of time so we have to hurry.

  40. Ok we are on the roof and I’m getting set for the lightning so you can transform ok. Ok place me at the top ok on 3 you run 1…….2……..3 run!!!!!!!!!!! I have yellow hair now I'm fully transformed .

  41. Everyone back up I evolved and I have a move that can take everyone out except for Nixon. Super KaMeHaMeHaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  42. Father im back oh no father where are you and what happened. Daddy daddy where are you im hurt badly. Daddy daddy!!!!!!!!!!

  43. I’m here Katrina here here hurry there is to many of them they over took us by surprise I knew they were gonna come but with the money gone I had no time to focus on them coming now we cant afford another house.

  44. King Nixon you have to come with us tony wants' you your not going to get hurt or nothing but it’s too late for them so come on.

  45. No me and my daddy isn't going no where you big sucker. No Katrina it’s about time I meet my old friend again but im badly injured from that yellow haired freaks attack.

  46. Episode 4 King Nixon Surrenders Last time on Discoveries King Nixon and his forces surrender to tony’s men will they finally put a stop to evil or will it grow.

  47. Im not really like that I transformed and when I transform I know one thing an that is death It’s a good thing this battle is over I would have passed out from the lightning so Ali can transform I’m pooped im going to tony’s place meet you there

  48. Your not going to tony’s place your going to go get the money so are you Ali where is the money Nixon

  49. My old guard Alpha took it I don’t know why but he always told people he’s not my worker Katrina where are they. Their at a nearby cave in the east direction their trying to get out the city they would expect you to been had left so I bet they are still there if you hurry you might catch them.

  50. Season 2 will have more characters more drama more action and more characters. And many many more characters