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Internet Safety for Parents

Internet Safety for Parents. Will Richardson Weblogg-ed.com weblogged@gmail.com http://webloggedlinks.pbwiki.com. The news today…. Ringtones adults can’t hear…. 16-year olds flying to Tel Aviv. Changed World. …The Web. 1,000,000,000+ people. 10,000,000,000+ pages.

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Internet Safety for Parents

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  1. Internet Safety for Parents Will Richardson Weblogg-ed.com weblogged@gmail.com http://webloggedlinks.pbwiki.com

  2. The news today…

  3. Ringtones adults can’t hear…

  4. 16-year olds flying to Tel Aviv.

  5. Changed World

  6. …The Web

  7. 1,000,000,000+ • people

  8. 10,000,000,000+ • pages

  9. 1,000,000,000,000+ • links

  10. The New Reality…

  11. …the Read/Write Web

  12. “Web 2.0”

  13. “We are at a turning point in the technology industry, and perhaps even in the history of the world.” • –Tim O’Reilly (May 14, 2006)

  14. A very social space

  15. 40,000,000+ Blogs

  16. 70,000 new blogs each day

  17. 1.2 million new posts each day

  18. 7 million new Web pages • each day • Link

  19. 2,500,000,000 links

  20. Linking pages…

  21. …ideas…

  22. …conversations…

  23. …and people…

  24. …creating our own learning networks…

  25. “Society of Authorship” • “Age of Participation” • “Era of Collaboration” • “Age of Engagement”

  26. “Uploaders” • --Thomas Friedman

  27. An active, participatory Web

  28. Wikipedia • 1.2 million articles

  29. But literacy is not just being able to read and write anymore.

  30. When everyone can create and publish, we need to be editors as well.

  31. In reality, safety, both personal and intellectual, is a literacy now.

  32. "We do not realize how significant the Read-Write internet could be." • --Lawrence Lessig Author “Free Culture”

  33. Transforming journalism

  34. Everyone has a printing press

  35. Transforming business

  36. Markets are conversations. • --Cluetrain Manifesto

  37. Transforming politics

  38. The people have a voice.

  39. Transforming education, too.

  40. 12 million kids • creating content online

  41. Kids are “digital natives” • --Marc Prensky

  42. (We’re the “digital immigrants”)

  43. Do you know?

  44. BTW

  45. TTYL

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