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Media and Consumerism PowerPoint Presentation
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Media and Consumerism

Media and Consumerism

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Media and Consumerism

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  1. Media and Consumerism Media promotes consumerism. What are your views?

  2. Content • Importance of media in consumerism • Forms of media in promoting consumerism • How advertisements influence us • Disadvantages of consumerism • Possible implications of using media to promote consumerism • Different perceptions of consumerism-Bane or Boon?

  3. Importance of media in consumerism • Influence • More people are spending much more time on different forms of media, be it the television, or through social media. • Marketers would definitely try to use this to their advantage, building brands and connecting with their audience more directly. • Media does play an important role in how consumers discover and share information about brands and products. • According to a study, active social media users are more likely to read about products online, and they do tell others about the products that they like. =

  4. Forms of media in promoting consumerism 1. The television does promote consumerism to a large extent. • Television programming have evolved hand-in-hand with consumerism • Spreads voyeurism, in the way it reveals what used to be private aspects of human life to public view.

  5. Forms of media in promoting consumerism 2. There is an increasing influence to how the internet has been affecting consumerism. • Everyday millions of people use the internet • This results in the consumerism world to be fiercer than ever. Every website you visit, there are countless of advertisements

  6. How advertisements influence us • Influences of advertisements: • A profound change on how we think and the choices we make • Alter our mind-sets into thinking that there are ‘perfect’ things in the world, causing us to make many generalisations in our minds • Warped thinking in people who watch too much of these advertisements

  7. Implications • They give us a false perception of the world • It is easy to find people in similar situations on television who live in a way we couldn't afford. • Entertainment shows us average people living a better lifestyle than they can afford without any monetary concerns. • We create a vision of ourselves living this idealized lifestyle, and then behave in ways that help us to realize the vision.

  8. Implications • Objectification of both women and men • Self consciousness • Lack of motivation because it distracts from what would be the motivating focus • Repeated visual images in the media are socialized and translated into mental health problems • Increased body anxiety, heightened mental health threats (depression, anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and sexual dysfunction), and increased body shame

  9. Implications • Advertising gives us a false sense of branding and misleads us about the truth • Young children are bombarded with advertising causing brand imprinting which remains into adult hood. • Children are being cleverly targeted by many different industries including the food industry.

  10. Media promotes Consumerism. What are your views?

  11. Benefits • It is evident that media promotes consumerism • Consumerism drives the economy. • The growth of demand for consumer goods also encourages investors to put their money into expanded production so consumption growth also stimulates economic growth.

  12. Implications • However, with the widespread usage of media to promote consumerism, it may lead to several implications • It changes our perceptions of things, our values and our society • Consumerism subconsciously changes our opinions of things

  13. Conclusion • While media and consumerism does have implications on our society, both media and consumerism depend on one other. The media needs profits which they get from advertisements, and consumerism needs media to drive the economy.

  14. Thank You!