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Open Source Software

Open Source Software. By: Jessica Watkins. What is open source software?.

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Open Source Software

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  1. Open Source Software By: Jessica Watkins

  2. What is open source software? “Open Source software is software which can be used, modified and improved by anyone and can be redistributed freely.” Freely, in this case means the computer code which creates the software is made available to everyone with few or no restrictions

  3. Why is open source software created if it is going to be free? • It allows innovation to go around the world with no cost of purchasing or distribution. • Open source software enables new innovations to be tested and used.

  4. Where can you get it? You can get open source software in many places. Sourceforge is one website that hosts many open source software. Usually, each tool has its very own site. There are also discussion boards for people that would like help modifying their software or just need help in some other way.

  5. Examples of Open Source Software popular web browser Used for watching channels of internet video for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more (good for offices) used for image manipulation Can be compared to Microsoft’s Outlook Express open source entrance into the Internet browser market

  6. Open Source Software for Businesses • The cost of licensing for open source solutions is low or at no cost. • There is continuing software enhancements available. • It is hands on, many of the modifications and upgrades are easy to use. • Multiple vendors • •A lot of times there is no single source to support all aspects of the application • The software may require multiple sources of technical and clinical support. • •User assumes more "ownership" of it than being under a license. • Difficult to get support from experienced vendors about the product. • Sometimes the furthering of the product, doesn’t happen. (stop of production) • Varying features Advantages Disadvantages

  7. As you can see, open source software has its advantages and disadvantages but it can be helpful for

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