welcome to sota n.
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Welcome to SOTA! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to SOTA!

Welcome to SOTA!

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Welcome to SOTA!

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  1. Welcome to SOTA! Meeting #2-September 17, 2013

  2. Rundown of the meeting • Quick game! • Upcoming service events • Advancements to previous events • Dance Marathon • Mentor/Mentee program • T-Shirts

  3. ROCK, paper, scissorsTournament!

  4. Upcoming service events • National Backpack Awareness event on September 19that 3:45 to 4:30 at O2B Kids = 1 service point • We will be going to Alz’s Place on September 24thfrom 9:00am to noon • = 1 service point Heavy backpacks are bad! Wow! I never knew! Good thing SOTA was here to tell us!

  5. More upcoming service events • HOrses Helping PEople (HOPE) will have it’s annual Fall Festival on Sunday, October 6th,and they need volunteers! • More details to come on the exact time and location! = 1 service point

  6. Some advancements! • Rebuilding Together will be on October 19th! It is an all day commitment from approximately 8:00am to 5:00pm. (You can also choose to go on October 12thor October 26th as well.) Some changes… • No longer mandatory, but we are strongly encouraging you to attend! • Sign up soon at • When asked who you would like to work with, put SOTA at UF = 2 service points

  7. Some more advancements! • Halloween Fashion Show Halloween Family Fun Day! • On October 26th, we will be hosting a Family Fun Day! • There will be a picnic, crafts, Halloween activities, cookie decorating, outdoor games, Halloween costumes, trick or treating, and more! • If you want a more active role in this event, stick around after this meeting to talk about helping plan and host this awesome day! • =1 service point

  8. Dance marathon! • We will be participating in the spring Dance Marathon with the Student Physical Therapy Association! • To sign up to help fundraise and to participate, go to • To help start earning “spirit points” for our team to help raise money, go to the SunState Federal Credit Union facebook page, like it, and then vote for DM as the September charity. Then you screenshot that page and send the picture that you voted to and put "SPTA/SOTA" in the subject line. You can do this every day till the end of September! • (The link is on the SOTA facebook page, so you can access it that way as well) FTK!

  9. University College Cork (UCC) Cork, Ireland Ballycotton, Cork tour • Directors: Dr. David Gast, Kathy Boyle-Gast • May 28th-July 12th 2014 • • My email:

  10. SOTA’s mentor and mentee program • We are starting our official Mentor/Mentee program, a great way for everyone to get to know each other better, build relationships with those you normally wouldn’t, and learn from experienced students in the OT program! • Who? All SOTA members can participate! This is a great way to get to know the program if you are an underclassman, and for upperclassmen, it is a great way to give back and get to help others that are where you were a few years ago! • What? We will be hosting events to facilitate the program, but you are more than welcome to get together more and build friendships that way as well! • When? Our first official gathering will be next Thursday 9/26 at 6pm! We will be hosting a scavenger hunt, which is going to be awesome! We will also have refreshments! • Where? We will be meeting in the courtyard in front of the PHHP building! • Why? This is a great way to get to meet more people in the program, network, find different opportunities, and really get involved with everyone in the OT program- not just those in your class! =1 social point

  11. T-Shirts! Shirts will be $15 =1fundraising point -we are going to preorder shirts, and we are sending around a sign up sheet right now if you are interested in getting a t-shirt!

  12. That’s all Folks! Any questions or anything to add? Our next meeting is on Tuesday, October 1st at 7:00pm in G-112 Hope to see you there! The meeting minutes will be posted online at, so feel free to reference it for dates, events and times!