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  1. WHEEL of CHOICES Instructions Let’s Play!

  2. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Score 1 2

  3. What would be a good tool to use to identify how much food is needed daily from each food group? My Answer

  4. The MyPyramid Wheel is a good tool for identifying how much food is needed daily from each food group. Next Question MyPyramid Wheel

  5. What is the recommended daily amount of oil for a 12 year old, moderately active, female per day? My Answer

  6. For a 12 year old female, moderately active, what is the daily calorie level? Next Question Six Teaspoons

  7. What are the ages of active males that consumes 3000 calories per day? My Answer

  8. A 15 and19-35 year old active males consume 3000 calories by participating in 60 minutes or more of moderate physical activity. Next Question 15 and 19-35

  9. A New Car! Value: $500 What is another name for discretionary calories that can be used within a specific calorie level? My Answer

  10. A New Car! Value: $500 The Wheel defines descretionary calories as the “Extras” that can be used within a specific calorie level. Extras Next Question

  11. What is the amount of physical activity that is defined as moderate? My Answer

  12. The amount of physical activity defined as moderate (M) is 30 to 60 minutes per day Next Question 30 - 60 Minutes

  13. What does the MyPyramid Wheel recommend regarding calcium? My Answer

  14. On the outer ring of the Wheel you will find Nutrition Tips Get your calcium rich foods Next Question

  15. What is the maximum age found on the MyPyramid wheel? My Answer

  16. MyPyramid Wheel lists ages from 9 to 76+ for both males and females. Next Question 76+

  17. A 3000 daily calorie level is recommended for males that are allowed 648 discretionary calories. 1 = TRUE, 2 = FALSE My Answer

  18. A male that is allowed 648 discretionary calories has a daily calorie level of 3200. Next Question 2 - False

  19. Sorry, you have gone Bankrupt! Next Question

  20. What is the lowest daily calorie level shown on the MyPyramid Wheel and what is the lowest age group and gender for that level? My Answer

  21. The lowest amount of recommended calories is for the age group of 9 year old sedentary females. The amount of calories is 1400. This is the least of amount of calories listed. Next Question 9 Female

  22. A Trip to the Grocery Store! Value: $400 What is on the Wheel that suggests where you could go to find more information about MyPyramid? My Answer

  23. A Trip to the Grocery Store! Value: $400 For more information about MyPyramid go to www.MyPyramid.gov www. MyPyramid.gov Next Question

  24. Sorry, you have Lost a Turn! Next Question

  25. What is the amount of grains recommended for the daily food intake of a moderately active female, age 25? My Answer

  26. The amount of grains that a 25 year old female need every day is 7 ounces. This is found in the Your Daily Food Recommendations box. Next Question 7 Ounces

  27. Seniors 76+ years of age that participate in less than 30 minutes of physical activity a day are considered at what activity level? My Answer

  28. A sedentary activity level is under 30 minutes a day for seniors Next Question Sedentary

  29. How to play Wheel of Choices • Divide the group up into two teams. Assign one group to be Team 1, the other will be Team 2. Have each team choose a spokesperson. • Begin the PowerPoint and review the rules. • Have the spokesperson from one team choose a question. • Click on that number. Read the question and have the group guess the answer. If the group guesses an incorrect answer, the next team takes a guess. • Read the answer displayed on the next slide. Click on the button to move back to the board. • If the answer given was correct, type the correct number of points in the score box. • Continue to play until all questions have been answered. The team with the most points wins. Let’s Play!