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MUSIC AND IDENTITY. YOUR MUSIC ID card. Name: E-mail address : Academic background: Music that you like : Why : Music that you play : How do you musical tastes reflect your personality ? Is there any exterior sign that betrays your musical preferences ? .

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  2. YOUR MUSIC ID card Name: E-mail address: Academic background: Music thatyoulike: Why: Music thatyouplay: How do you musical tastes reflectyourpersonality ? Is thereanyexteriorsignthatbetraysyour musical preferences ?

  3. Hereis a list of adjectives thatyouwill have to use subsequently: Serious, rebellious, cheerful, sociable, quick-tempered, conservative, conscientious, sensitive, emotional, assertive, obliging, sentimental, fun-loving, independent, irrespectful, placid, friendly, easy-going, anguished, distrustful, extravagant, morose, intellectual, tolerant, naïve, materialistic, low-brow (sans prétention intellectuelle), flexible, bitter (amer), optimistic, pessimistic, gloomy, bland (fade), dowdy (démodé), fuddy-duddy (vieux-jeu, maniaque), old-fashioned, rude, obnoxious (odieux), aggressive, impulsive, cool-headed, excitable, taciturn, reserved

  4. Identity types Knowingthat musical tastes mayreveal a listener’spersonality, associate adjectives with the characterhereafter, thanwrite a counter-typetextthatcontradicts the stereotypefollowing the examplegiven in the next slide. You willneedverbs to express likes and dislikes: I love, I like, I adore, I’mcrazy about, I couldn’t live without, I amkeen on, I have a particular taste (fondness, liking, weakness) for, I’m fond of, I feelattracted to, I delight in. I dislike, I hate, I can’t stand, I can’tbear, I loathe, I can do without, I don’t care about, thisis not mycup of tea, I have an aversion to, I execrate, I cansee no point in listening to…

  5. Example Paul, 76 « I love heavymetal, I delighted in thisraging music. Il love the roaringsound of the electricguitar, the emphatic beat. As I’mgrowingdeaf, the loudness of the soundis not a problem! Going to heavymetal concerts energizes me, itmakes me forgetmyage ! It reminds me of myyouth. Back in the 1960s, I collectedLedZepplin’svinyls. Mywifedoesn’tlikeheavymetal, shethinksit’s an aggressive masculine music. But I don’t care! » STEREOTYPED PROFILE Favorite music: classical music Temperament: serious, dowdy, old-hat, cold-headed. Other hobbies: literature, the arts

  6. Neil: «Hi guys, I like rap music. I have a band in Harlem and spendmuch time improvisingtexts in rap battles. I listen to 50 cents and Beastie Boys. I alsolisten to hip-hop and I adore dancing.SometimesI listen to disco music and Boney M. Saturday night feverismy favorite film! I even dance on the music. I fightracism and I promotepeace and love. Many of myfriends are hippies. Myfatherhadproblemswithalcoholso I never drink, wellexcept a few pints of beer. Mytwo kids, Mickael and DaffysayI’m as cool as myhat. STEREOTYPED PROFILE Favorite music: Country music, southern rock Temperament:low-brow, slightracist, member of the NRA, bellicose and impulsive Otherhobbies: hunting, horse-riding, drinking in his favorite ‘Drunk and roll’ pub, a great fan of ZZ top, rides his Harley Davidson withhismotoband or watches catch on TV

  7. Tim: «  STEREOTYPED PROFILE Favorite music: heavymetal Temperament Other hobbies

  8. Anna: «  STEREOTYPED PROFILE Favorite music Temperament Other hobbies

  9. Joey «  STEREOTYPED PROFILE Favorite music Temperament Other hobbies

  10. Adam: «  STEREOTYPED PROFILE Favorite music Temperament Other hobbies

  11. Liam: «  STEREOTYPED PROFILE Favorite music Temperament Other hobbies

  12. Yanna: «  STEREOTYPED PROFILE Favorite music Temperament Other hobbies

  13. Jessica and Tiana: «  STEREOTYPED PROFILE Favorite music Temperament Other hobbies

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