dry cleaning now possible at home too n.
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Dry Cleaning Now Possible at Home Too PowerPoint Presentation
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Dry Cleaning Now Possible at Home Too

Dry Cleaning Now Possible at Home Too

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Dry Cleaning Now Possible at Home Too

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  1. Dry Cleaning Now Possible at Home Too Now with the availability of all the reagents in the market, dry cleaning is now possible at home too. Many dry cleaning fluids are available in the market and the most common solvent is perchlorethylene or perc. It removes oil and greases based stains very effectively, but while using it, be cautious as inhaling its fume is unhealthy.

  2. Cheaper than Your Local Cleaner! How it Works We come to you @HOME or @WORK, Free. We collect it, give it a Jolly Good Green Cleanand deliver it back to You.(again for FREE)! We take pride in our Quality so your can look great for any occasion. Work or Play. O.C's Largest "We Come to You Cleaner - that you can Trust!"

  3. Our Delivery Services No more rushing to the Dry cleaners. Let us come to You - without paying more!WWYT? (Why Waste Your Time) - We pick up & deliver directly to your Home or Work place - With Ease.Easy, convenient and reliable, a service that gives you back hours of your day.Simply select one of our services below to Learn More... For dry cleaning at home, Dry cleaning pickup and deliverypresent different kits for people who practice it at home. Usually the kit contains a stain remover, reusable dryer bag, stains absorbent pads, dryer activated cloth, and instruction leaflet.

  4. delivery@HOME delivery@WORK Our Company is located in different parts of thecountry and offers various dry cleaning services. We are in this business for along time and know how to take care of your favorite gowns, shirts, tuxedos,leather jacket and other clothes.   

  5. We are the British "DryGREEN" Club All our cleaning is TOTALLY organic and we even offer a Super Green Service with our specialEuropean clean technology -which is 100% bio-degradable.We absolutely never use PERC so no horrible chemical or harsh odors with our cleaning.Keeping California's environment safe and beautiful and gentle on your skin too!

  6. E-mail: Website: Phone: 1-844-379 2582 (DRYCLUB)