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Outdoor Wall Art Ideas PowerPoint Presentation
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Outdoor Wall Art Ideas

Outdoor Wall Art Ideas

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Outdoor Wall Art Ideas

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  1. Outdoor Wall Art plays a similar purpose to indoor paintings, sculptures, mosaics or photos. It is an expression of your beliefs, your ideals, what you define as beauty or enables you to convey an idea that can not be explained through words. Your art can be from a specific artist that you admire, an unknown artist who captured your attention or just a nice object that compliments a space that you found empty or unappealing.

  2. Gardens could be interpreted as environmental art, and fall under the umbrella of outdoor art, but when it comes to outdoor wall art, gardens fail to meet this specific purpose. The walls that separate a porch from your neighbor's drive way is not a barrier to retain your privacy. It is an opportunity to fill a blank canvas with interesting weather resistant objects that will be sure to start a conversation. When your walls are bare inside your house, the first thing you do is cover them with art; meaningful photos, images or sculptures. Your outdoor space needs the same consideration. A bare wall is a bare wall and should be viewed as an opportunity to put your imagination to work with interesting sculptures, hanging iron pieces, or murals. Outdoor Wall Art Personalizes Your Space

  3. Some of the most interesting outdoor wall art is derived from recycled materials that have already seen the test of time. Iron, aluminum, tree branches formed into an image, mosaics of old ceramic tiles, are some examples of re-used materials that have formed eye catching art work. They are placed on a bare wall, amongst plants, and form a background image that adds to the color and texture of plants, outdoor furniture or a fountain. Creating Conversation with Outdoor Wall Art

  4. Some of the outdoor art resembles symbols of the outdoors, moons, suns. plants, birds and fish. For the eclectic and innovative collector, indoor images have been reflected in outdoor wall art. One artist created a series of small dining room chairs out of various materials and hung each one on the wall of a long fence. With the contrast of the gardens plants, this indoor theme created great outdoor wall art and struck up many a conversations at the owners garden parties.

  5. Outdoor Wall Art has no limits and it is up to the owner of the property to determine what they want their guests to see and experience when they are in their outdoor spaces. By including your garden walls and privacy barriers as potential display mediums for artwork, you can extend your design abilities to include outdoor spaces.

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