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SHRI KRISHNA. Twelve Forests Of Vrindavan. By:- Pushpit Maggo. 12 forests of Vrindavan. On the Eastern bank of the Yamuna there are five forests :- Bhadravana Bilvavana ( Belvan ) Lohavana ( Lauhavana ) Bhandiravana Mahavana.

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  2. Twelve Forests Of Vrindavan • By:- PushpitMaggo

  3. 12 forests of Vrindavan On the Eastern bank of the Yamuna there are five forests :- Bhadravana Bilvavana (Belvan) Lohavana (Lauhavana) Bhandiravana Mahavana

  4. On the Western side of the Yamuna there are seven forests : • Madhuvana • Talavana • Kumudavana • Bahulavana 10. Kamyavana 11. Khadiravana 12. Vrindavana

  5. Bhadravan /भद्रवन • Is one of the places where Shri Krishna and Shri Balram go to graze the cows. • Places of darsan here are • BhadraSarovar • GocharanSthal.

  6. Bilvavana/Belvan/बेलवन • There was an large amount of bel(bilva) trees. • Shri Krishna and his sakhas would play different kinds of sports and eat bel fruits.

  7. Lohjanghvan/ Lohvan /लौहजंघवन • This forest is decorated with all Kinds of trees and flowers. • It is one of the places where Krishna pastures his cows. • It is called Lohvan because, Shri Krishna killed Lohjanghasur.

  8. Bhandirvan/भांडीरवन • Bhandirvan, where Shri Krishna performed a variety of sweet pastimes. • Places of darsan here are :- • Venu-Kup • The place of Wrestling • The temple of Shridham

  9. Mahavan/महावन • It is the largest of all the forests. • Krishna killed the demons • Putana • Shakatasur here.

  10. Madhuvan / मधुवन • In this Forest Krishna killed a demon named Madhu then Krishna known as “Madhusudan”. • This forest is as sweet as “Shri Madhusudan” himself.

  11. Talvana/तालवन • Only Kansa and his friends enjoyed the forest's sweet tala fruits, which were otherwise inaccessible to ordinary people.

  12. Kumudvan / कुमुदवन • The boys decorated each other with garlands made of kumudini flowers.

  13. Bahulavan/ बहुलावन • The charming forest of Bahulavan is full of beauty. • Shri Hari'ssakhiBahula resides here. • Places of darsanhere are : -ShankarshanKund - ManSarovar

  14. Kamyavan / काम्यवन • Krishna bathing in this forest in Childhood Past times.

  15. khadiravana • The present name of this village is Khayro. • Every year when the dates ripened, Krishna and the sakhas would come here to herd the cows and eat ripe dates. • Krishna Killed demon Bakasur here sent by Kans appeared there as a huge crane to swallow Krishna.

  16. Vrindavan/ Brindaban / वृन्दावन • The city of Lord Krishna's birthplace. • Lord Krishna spent his childhood days.

  17. Braj is like the ocean. • Mathuralike the lotus. • Vrindavanlike the nectar-pollen.


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