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  2. Like in biblical scenes, the salt mines Asele Lake , Etiopía. By: George Steinmetz

  3. From above, in a mountain, AiagoPlateau, Italy. By: Vittorio Poli

  4. A lonely boat in the tranquil waters of the Lake Dal. India By: Rutuj Kamdar

  5. Through generations, people marked the walls of caves. Papua, Nueva Guinea by: Amy Toensing

  6. A manclimbing a rock at the Nacional Park PeakDistrict. Inglaterra. By: Nick Brown

  7. The Navajo bridge of 1929, currently utilized for pedestrian crossing over the Colorado River and the twin bridge built in 1995. Arizona. by: Richard Barnes

  8. Boulevard Nurzholdecoratedwithflowers, Astana, Kasakhastan. by: Gerd Ludwig

  9. Intense heat and strong winds are the fuel for quick evaporation, leaving behind the minerals at the edge of the lakes. LakeAssal, Djibouti by: George Steinmetz

  10. Air view of Iguassu Falls, Devil’s Gorge. (Poor Niagara) Border between Brazil and Argentina. By: Chris Schmid

  11. Rice plantation China. by: Byongsun Ahn

  12. Golden fields in a hill, southeast of Bangladesh by: M Yousuf Tushar

  13. Westminster Abbey. London. by: Jim Richardson

  14. Remains of a Curtiss C-46 that “landed” onthewaterNovember 15, 1980. by: BjornBoerman

  15. Church of the XV century of Rodel , in Lewis Island, built by the chief warriors of MacLeods by: Jim Richardson

  16. The Great Wall of China. By: Byron Yu

  17. In the Low lying Countries, a small village called Boskoop. By: Wputer van der Heuvel

  18. A small hot lake rich in silica, in the interior of Iceland. By: David Remacle

  19. Hot papers baloons rising to the skies in November. Thailand. By: Patrice Carlton

  20. Sundown rainbow, Lake Champlain, Vermont. By: Alan Nyiri

  21. The amazing swimming pool on top of the resort Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. By: Chia Ming Chien

  22. Toscana, Italy. by: Jure Kravanja

  23. Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar. By: Juan José Acevedo

  24. Tracking in the Forest of theHighlands of Scotland. By: Luis del Río

  25. Temple of Krishna One of the more distinct Hindu temples By: Alejandra Loreto

  26. By: Rob Horner

  27. Young girl flying a kite over Jaisalmer, India. By: Simon Christen

  28. 30 second exposition photo at Yosemite, California. By: Andrew Coffin

  29. A street in París. “c'est la vie” (That’s life) by: Brian Yen

  30. Afterthefloods of 2010 millions of spiders climbedthetrees, and once ittook a long time forthewaterstolowerto original levels, thetreeswereconvertedinto spider trapscreens. Sindh, Pakistán. by: Rusell Watkins

  31. Getting ready for a balloon trip in Capadocia, Turkey by: Amy Sacka

  32. Air view, New York City, reflected on the glass façade of a building. by: Navid Baraty

  33. In the ultra modern society of Japan, tradicional Geisha, Kyoto. By: Clancy Lethbridge

  34. Tracking a storm outside of Pense, Saskatchewan, before the Summer. By: Vanessa Neufeld

  35. Canoe under the moonlight, Allagssh River, Maine. by: Michael Melford

  36. River in Iceland by: Romaine Chassagne

  37. Naval Greenwich College of XVII Century in London. by: Gordon Esler

  38. Early sunrise in Lithuania. by: Euyenijus Rauduve

  39. Salmon River. National Park Salmon-Challis, Idaho by: Michael Melford

  40. Walking in the Artic tundra. It looks like the mountains make their own weather in Svalbard by: June Jacobsen

  41. Photos: internet National Geographic. Music: Chopin Nocturne in E-Flat Op. 9 by: Bob Geresti Presentation J.O.S.B.