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3 Skills to Blaze a Trail in Game Development

Don't put it off any longer! Learn how to be the star you always wanted to be in the game development team with this article.<br>

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3 Skills to Blaze a Trail in Game Development

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  1. 3 Skills to Blaze a Trail in Game Development Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a star member on a game development team? Communication Paves the Way Wondering why you should be good at communication skills when all you want to do is build the next big game? Whether you are part of a big game production house or a small indie game team, you will have team members from various geographies, cultures and perhaps non-native speakers of English. Now, how do you express your thoughts clearly to such an eclectic mix? In your day to day life, you need to present your thoughts, ideas and feelings, prototype when needed using effective imagery, and document what you are doing. If necessary, you may even have to convince and inspire your team to explore your suggestion. You may have to write the game design documents, in-game screen text, messages, help, and whatever else is needed. This means you will rock if you communicate well to convey the energy and enthusiasm you carry. Curiosity Wins Hearts If you were living in a community, you would ideally want to know who your neighbors are. Don’t you? Similarly, try to understand and appreciate all departments that participate in game development, art, programming, marketing and PR, writing, testing, and production. For example, if you want to become a game developer, understand how other areas contribute to and influence game development and vice versa. Ask your colleagues and ask on forums. And everyone loves to talk about their expertise. It endears you to people. And the ability to see your core area of expertise through the eyes of other members on your team will help you plan and communicate better. And Team Players are Cherished In recent times, have you heard of a game that was developed by a lone developer? Not a chance. Today, games are developed by businesses, both small and big, that have a team made of developers, writers, artists, designers, musicians, testers, marketers, and so on. What’s more, some of them may not be on the business’ roles. To work with such a diverse set of people, to give and accept their feedback, you should be a team player with a “give and take”attitude. As a team player, your team’s goals are top priority for you, execution of ideas is subject to the approval by the team members, and your decisions are made based on what is good for the team and the business.

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