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Welcome to the UC Davis Aggies Team!

Welcome to the UC Davis Aggies Team!. Ms. Watkins Ms. O ’ Brien Ms. Starr. Ms. Zangwill Ms. D ’ Apuzzo Ms. Andersen. Welcome Back to School !. Thank you for… Being here Completing forms Providing supplies. Who is the person teaching my child?. Mrs. Joy D ’ Apuzzo

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Welcome to the UC Davis Aggies Team!

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  1. Welcome to the UC Davis Aggies Team! Ms. Watkins Ms. O’Brien Ms. Starr Ms. Zangwill Ms. D’Apuzzo Ms. Andersen

  2. WelcomeBack to School! Thank you for… Being here Completing forms Providing supplies

  3. Who is the person teaching my child? Mrs. Joy D’Apuzzo 6th Grade Adv. Math, Science, and AVID 13 years teaching 3rd year at Union Middle School

  4. Want to Help! Sponsor a classroom Donations accepted all year (tissue boxes, green pens, white paper, correction tape) THANK YOU!!

  5. Subjects and Standards CC 6+Math & CC 6 Science

  6. Math…we will be learning: (math 6+ will be a rigorous class that will challenge students to go deeper into 6th grade content and access higher level thinking skills.) • * Common Core Math Content: • Number Theory • Statistics, Ratios • Algebra, Geometry • Proportions • * Common Core Math Practices: • solve, reason, model, conjecture, • tools, precision, structure, & patterns • Online Textbook – http://my.hrw.com

  7. Math Outline • Homework Assignments: • Math only spiral notebook to keep notes & math homework • Mon. through Thursday, usually 12-15 problems • Worth 10 points if completed, must attempt each problem to receive • full credit • Will earn less than 10 points if homework is on time, but homework is • incomplete • Will earn 7 points if homework is brought in the next day (LATE) • Quizzes & Assessments: • Most questions are from the homework • Assessments will occur at the end of each unit

  8. Science…we will be learning: • Qualities of a Scientist • Scientific Method • Lab Safety • Shaping Earth’s Surface • Plate Tectonics • Earthquakes & Volcanoes • Rocks & Minerals • Soil Formation/Worm Composition • Natural Resources/Energy Conservation • Online Textbook - http://my.hrw.com

  9. Science Outline • Homework Assignments: • Science only spiral notebook, titled Interactive Notebook (INB), to keep • notes and science homework • Homework will be completed in INB Mon. through Friday • Homework is worth 10 points if complete and on time. • Will earn less than 10 points if homework on time, but homework is • incomplete • LATE work will be accepted, but will only be worth 7 points maximum • Projects and lab experiments will take longer & be worth more points • Quizzes & Test: • Quizzes (usually every couple of weeks) • Most questions are from the homework • Tests at the end of each chapter

  10. Absences & Tardiness Excused Absences • Students have as many days as they were absent to complete the work they missed. • It is the responsibility of the student to request all missing assignments. • You can also check my homework calendars on my website to see what your child has missed. Tardiness • Students who arrive late will require a pass to be admitted to class. Those “unexcused” will receive a warning for the first offense, then campus clean up for the second offense. See student planner for more information.

  11. Homework Center Mondays - Thursday at 3:00 – 4:00 Starts in September (need permission slip) Homework Concerns Check your child’s planner daily. Homework calendars will be posted online on my website. Any questions regarding homework MUST be clarified during class, break, lunch, or after school; otherwise, student must go online and watch instructional video.

  12. Keys to Success Stay organized! Be prepared! Study wisely! Make up missed work! Do test/quiz corrections! Use planner as checklist! Turn in homework on time! Check grades weekly in powerschool!

  13. Survival Guide The UMS Planner – a GREAT resource • All students are expected to write down homework assignments in their planner. • If there is NO homework, I have them write that down that as well. Every section for every subject should have something written in it. • The planner is a great tool containing important information. Please refer to it often.

  14. Suggested Materials

  15. Classroom Rules • Water & bathroom trips • Supplies • Respecting Property • Respectful Community • Responsibility

  16. Powerschool • Grades are available on Powerschool • Login instructions are available in the Student Planner on page 5. • If you don’t know your username/password, please contact Mrs. Adams at adamsj@unionsd.org • https://powerschool.unionsd.org

  17. Contact Information School Website http://unionms.unionsd.org Contact Me!!! dapuzzoj@unionsd.org(best way to contact me) 408-371-0366 ext 141 My Webpage http://www3.unionsd.org/231620817296633/site/default.asp

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