chapter 30 n.
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  2. WHO AM I? • I helped start the revolution in Russia without ever being there. The leaders of the Bolsheviks took my ideologies & turned Russia into a Communist state. You could say…I left my “Mark.”


  4. WHO AM I? • I returned back to Russia & helped start the revolution. Everyone was so happy to see me that they cheered when I stepped off the train. I was known as the father of the Revolution.

  5. Vladimir Lenin

  6. WHO AM I? • I was a self described holy man. I helped the czar’s son with his hemophilia. I ended up being very influential in czar Nicholas’ II regime…but it didn’t turn out so well for either of us.

  7. Rasputin

  8. WHO AM I? • After my death in 1825, Russia fell into 100 years of turmoil.

  9. Czar Alexander I

  10. WHO AM I? • My attempt at being a leader in Russia was a miserable failure. I kept on fighting in World War I even after everyone told me to get out. I should have seen what happened to Nicholas after he kept fighting in the war…our temporary government was only temporary for me as a leader too.

  11. Alexander Kerensky

  12. WHO AM I? • I took absolute control of the Bolshevik party by climbing the ladder of power & put my supporters in positions of power. I changed my name, because it literally means “man of steel.” I guess I was the first Superman.

  13. Josef Stalin

  14. WHO AM I? • I turned Russia into police state. I didn’t trust anyone…including sniveling smart-aleck teenagers. I had teachers give me reports on all their students.

  15. Czar Alexander III

  16. WHO AM I? • I tried my best to make changes in the Russian country, but even that made people mad. I ended up being assassinated.

  17. Czar Alexander II

  18. WHO AM I? • I was determined to turn Russia into an industrial monster. I put in place my 5 year plans which were high successful.

  19. Josef Stalin

  20. WHO AM I? • The Russian people still love me to this day. They have kept my body encased in a casket where people can still view my handsome face even to this day.

  21. Vladimir Lenin

  22. WHO AM I? • I took a lot to kill me. In 1916 a group of people tricked me into eating poisoned cakes – that didn’t work. So then they decided to shoot me. Well, that didn’t work either. So they ended up throwing me in the river where I finally drown.

  23. Rasputin

  24. WHO AM I? • I made a number of mistakes which eventually led me to have to abdicate my throne.

  25. Czar Nicholas II

  26. WHO AM I? • I freed the serfs. I thought it was a good idea, because everyone was complaining. But after I die my son ends up changing all my reforms.

  27. Czar Alexander II

  28. WHO AM I? • I wasn’t technically responsible for the pogroms (violence against the Jews) in Russia, but I sure didn’t do anything to stop it. My police & soldiers just stood by as the Russian natives destroyed Jewish homes & synagogues.

  29. Czar Alexander III

  30. WHO AM I? • I started from humble beginnings. Although I would be just an assistant librarian, I would become China’s greatest revolutionary leader.

  31. Mao Zedong

  32. WHO AM I? • After Sun Yixian died, I took over the Kuomintang in China. I tried very hard to keep China a democracy & I promised more political rights for the people. But things did not turn out the way I planned – my government became corrupt & a revolution began.

  33. Jiang Jieshialso known as Chiang kai Shek

  34. WHO AM I? • I was the first leader in China start a nationalization plan & helped overthrow the Qing dynasty, which had ruled since 1644.

  35. Sun Yixian

  36. WHO AM I? • I helped the Communist movement in China by sending advisers & equipment to China…while the rest of Western Europe refused to help the struggling government – I wanted to see communism in China!

  37. Vladimir Lenin

  38. WHO AM I? • I was the leader of the Muslim League of India. I fought those greedy #@%^!^$ from Great Britain & tried to gain independence for India.

  39. Ali Jinnah

  40. WHO AM I? • I hate the influence of the Ottomans had upon us. We need to become more westernized. Everyone in our country need to wear Western-style business suits & we need to get rid of those awful fezzes.

  41. Mustafa Kemal

  42. WHO AM I? • The slaughter at Amritsar infuriated me & caused me to fight the British injustice by using non-violent tactics.

  43. Mohandas K. Gandhi

  44. WHO AM I? • I am brilliant. What can I say? The Greeks kept invading our homeland & I had enough. I led our nationalist soldiers to fight back & I became the first president of our New Republic.

  45. Mustafa Kemal

  46. WHO AM I? • I modernized Persia. I set up schools, built roads & railroads. I also changed the name of our country from Persia (which those awful Greeks gave us) to Iran, which we like much better.

  47. Reza Sha Phalavi

  48. WHO AM I? • I unified all of Arabia & renamed it Saudi Arabia after my family’s name. We held strictly to Islamic law.

  49. Abd al-Aziz Ibd Aziz Saud (sah·OOD)

  50. WHO AM I? • I adopted the spinning wheel as the symbol of resistance to British rule. This was eventually put on our flag.