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CAE 510 Web 2.0 Tools Assignment 4

Jennifer Whip April 28, 2011. CAE 510 Web 2.0 Tools Assignment 4. Purpose. I would like to improve my teaching and the climate in my room by incorporating technology and other “real world” skills into my teaching.

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CAE 510 Web 2.0 Tools Assignment 4

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  1. Jennifer Whip April 28, 2011 CAE 510Web 2.0 ToolsAssignment 4

  2. Purpose • I would like to improve my teaching and the climate in my room by incorporating technology and other “real world” skills into my teaching. • I would like my students to get a broad education that will help them with the skills they need after high school.

  3. Student Population • The population in my classroom is a mix of boys and girls from low income families. It is very safe to say that most are at risk of not graduating. Their level of understanding in my class is also low. Even with odds against them, the students tend to be polite and down to Earth.

  4. Student Population • Students are part of a school that has a 7% Hispanic population. Most do not speak English. If there is any English spoken in the house, it is usually broken and incorrect. • This population description is based on ninth and twelfth grade students.

  5. Standards for Behavior • Students are given a list of rules at the beginning of the year. They are expected to follow these rules all year. No exceptions. • Proceed to the next slide for a list of classroom rules.

  6. Classroom Rules - Whip • All students will treat others with respect. • No cell phones, ipods, or other electronics. • No hats or hoods are to be worn indoors during school hours. • All homework that is turned in late will be subject to a change in grade.

  7. Consequences • 1st Offense - verbal warning • 2nd Offense – detention • 3rd Offense – Office Referral • If needed – student will be removed from classroom and proper consequence will be handed down from administration.

  8. Plan • Having seniors makes my personal plan coincide with that of the entire school. • Students will not only get an understanding of the literature and history they need but they will also get real world skills such as: • Letter and resume writing • Computer skills • Job interviewing skills • Checking and Savings education and other personal finance

  9. Elements for Safety • At Tecumseh, safety is a big concern. Therefore, each teacher is given a complete guide to all precautions and procedures for drills. • Each teacher will educate the students to the proper way to handle each type of emergency. • Drills are done monthly to insure that students understand.

  10. April 26, 2011 Students were asked to go into the hall for a tornado drill. After a few minutes we realized that it was not a drill. We actually had a tornado go through our town of New Carlisle. No one was hurt and the students did exactly what they had learned all year. Although a small tornado, it was still scary.

  11. Time Management • Routines are an integral part of any classroom. • Students need (and actually want) routines. They become comfortable with them. • It allows them to do well in the classroom because the teacher meets their expectations. • Routines can also improve time on task for even the most reluctant learner.

  12. DATA! PROGRESS! BEHAVIOR! • We are very good with data. We use a variety of quarterly assessments to measure student learning. The data is collected and sent to the board office for review. • The data that these assessments have provided us with information as to what should change or what needs to be added or deleted from the curriculum.

  13. DATA! PROGRESS! BEHAVIOR! • The student’s progress measured by an online “progress book.” • This allows parents and students to view grades anytime from their own home. They can also see specific assignments. • It takes away the “I didn’t know they were failing” excuse (if they have access to a computer). • Behavior is also documented through this program and parents can view that as well.

  14. Floorplan • I am very lucky to have a brand new classroom in a brand new school! • I have a projector on my ceiling that will project what is on my computer or the VCR/DVD/TV onto a large wall. • There are about 30 desks in rows. • My desk is at the back of the room. • There are also several tables in my room for students to use for projects.

  15. Materials • Pens • Pencils • Laptops – for in class use • Books • Paper • Zip drives – given to all seniors to take to college • Markers, colored pencils, crayons

  16. Self Reflection • I am very hard on myself as a teacher. I think I could be doing so much better. I really wish I had more time to put into it. I wish I had the motivation to go in on the weekends. I also need to bring home more grading. However, on the good side, my students seem to enjoy my class and they really like me. We have fun and I feel that they are safe when in my room. Teaching is definitely not something for everyone. II like to think that I went into the right career.

  17. Goals – Short term • I would like to get all of my seniors to graduate this year. • Last year, 5 didn’t make it. It would be nice to lower that number. • I also would like to get all grading sone before summer so I don’t have to do final grades while on my break

  18. Goals – long term • These are a bit more difficult to achieve. • I would like to work on improving my rapport with students. • I need to be more diligent in grading things in a timely manner. • My tests and classwork need to be more challenging. • I need to stop being so hard on myself and realize teaching is a tough job and no one does it perfect!

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