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4 Common Wine Mistakes to Avoid PowerPoint Presentation
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4 Common Wine Mistakes to Avoid

4 Common Wine Mistakes to Avoid

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4 Common Wine Mistakes to Avoid

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  1. Common Mistakes Made by Wine Drinkers

  2. If you consider yourself an expert on wines, think again, because a lot goes into serving them for your guests. Wines are luxury drinks and to make the most of it, be wary of these 4 common mistakes made by wine drinkers.

  3. Serving Wines Too Cold This is one of the common mistakes made by most wine drinkers. Unless you are under the scorching heat of the sun, serving your wines too cold is a bad idea. Reason? Over chilled wines brings down the aromas and its flavours.

  4. Serving Wines Too Hot Serving wines too hot is even worse than over chilled wines. Wines are fragile and are not meant to be subjected to high temperatures. The end results include evaporation of alcohol, change in colour and damage of flavours.

  5. Improper Choice of Glassware Drinkers don’t find relevance in the choice of glass used to serve wine. Wines are suggested to be served in a big bowl of at least 10 ounces, so there’s enough room for the aromas to accumulate and emerge.

  6. Bad Combination of Food Wines don’t go well with certain choices of food. Some suggested foods to combine with wine include strawberries, cheese, almonds, chocolate and more.

  7. Making any of these mistakes can make even the most expensive wines appear poorly, hence, make the right decision while serving this classic drink. Buy Great Wine sources some of the world’s greatest and delicious wines at the best prices. For more details, Visit or Call 01737 887568.