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  1. ARIEL

  2. The most believable RPG game Tangledin 2011!!! You don’t know that?! You are out !

  3. HI Let’s see Demographics: our primary market is youth market(16~19) this group is attractive to marketers of games computers and cell phones. Secondary market might be allowance market(10~15)& postsecondary market(20~25) psychographics :the teenagers and younger , they would notice the RPG game based on the movie they like,and our game can be played in the iphone,ipad,itouch and computer. that is the way they played. Geographic : most of our customers are come from the urban. They can get more information`s and they would more notice the game than other areas

  4. Gender: Both men and women, especially for the girls. Every girl has a dream of being princess, if the daughter or the girlfriend want,men would satisfied them. • Family life cycle :single or married but no children. • Income level: our service will not be very expensive, almost everyone can pay for it • Ethnicity and culture: our service will supply 3 official languages modes , Chinese English and French. our promotion needs to be bi-lingual

  5. ~Product mix~

  6. ~Price &place mix~ • 1 my game would have own official web set, you are supposed to download the game, we get money from the rate of click • 2 when the game are successes in the web, we would sell it to the app store or the Android. • 3 Therefore ,you can play it on both web set and apple product like ipad,iphone and so on

  7. ~promotion~ 1.Via the internet advertisement 2.Sell the doll of the game 3.Put the poster in the net bar and some public place 4.Invite the superstar represent the character of Game 5we would have test mode.

  8. conclusion • Our product is a RPG game, that is a kind of niche product because we would upgrade the game in period of time. • Our target market is the teenager and younger, because they have time to play game and their parents would support their income. The most important is they were attractive to the product • The most important of our product is the promotion, how to let people like itand receive it quickly is very important, if they are crazy about the game,they want to use money to upgrade theirselves