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  2. You are at the beach and you hear a weird sound. You try to find it but you can’t. Then out of the corner of your eye you squint and see a small bird stuck under a boat.

  3. You run to the bird. It’s so scared it shrieks louder and louder . You pick the boat off the bird and move it to the side so the bird can fly away. But you see the bird struggle to fly but it can’t fly.

  4. You pick the bird up carefully. You throw it into the air to give it a boost then it flies away.

  5. You giggle as you watch the bird fly away. Just when you are about to turn around you see the bird fall. You go to save the bird. You just walk away.

  6. ... You go to take a step towards the bird when something hits you in the head!!!!! You fall in to the boat knocked out.

  7. When you wake up you are on an island! You look around and it’s so flowery and beautiful. When you turn around to face the ocean you faintly see the main land. You notice that your boat is still there, so you get on and start heading back towards the main land. But then…

  8. …something comes and knocks over your boat and you fall into the water! You quickly get up and back into the boat and you head back to the island.

  9. When you get back to the island you pull your boat all the way on land so it won’t float away. After about an hour (you guess) you go exploring. You feel something stabbing you leg every time you take a step. You reach into you pocket of your shorts and you pull out a paper clip.

  10. You are wondering why there is a paper clip in your pocket. You see some vine and a stick then you have an idea. You grab some vine and the stick. You tie the vine to the stick then you put the paper clip on the other end of the vine like a hook and now you have a fishing rod! Just when you are about to go fishing you realize that there is no bait on the end. So you go searching for some worms. When you find some you go back to the spot that you were at before and start to fish. After about 10 minutes you catch your first fish! You are so happy but then you think how are you going to cook it. After a minute you feel the sun getting hotter and hotter then you get and idea. You grab the fish and put it on a rock that is fully exposed to the sun and you wait for it to cook.

  11. While you wait you hear something unusual. You get up and look around then you see it. A boat! You see a boat so you scream on the top of your lungs “HELP.” the boat comes closer and closer you are bursting with joy. When the boat gets to the island you notice someone on it standing beside the driver. It’s your mom! You run to the boat and you get on. You hug your mom and you head back to shore. Back to beginning THE END 

  12. You just ignore the bird because you already saved it once and you don’t want to save it again so you walk away. You go to the boat that the bird was stuck under and you sit in in. Before you know it you... Fall asleep. Fall into the water.

  13. You get carried away staring at the sky. Just then a big wave comes and hits the boat! You fall into the water and you swallow a big gulp of saltwater. You struggle getting up to the surface and you find a big rock and you climb on to it and you just lay on top of the rock tired.

  14. You start to drift off to sleep. In your dream you get kidnapped and they take you to this place in the middle of nowhere. They lock you in a room with one window but the window is blocked off with bars. When you wake up you are… Still on the rock Your dream is actually what happened.

  15. Your dream gets so intense you wake up. just then your mom calls you to come. You go over to you mom. She says that you are leaving now. You realize that you forgot your sweater by the rock! You run to the rock to get it and it’s not there! Then you think about where it is… then you remember you just left it on the beach. You run back and it is lying on the sand. You and your mom leave the beach and go home. Back to beginning THE END

  16. When you wake up you are in a small room with one window that is blocked off with bars. Then you realize your dream was real! You scream on the top of your lungs. Just then two guys come running to you but the have a big bag the size of a human. You think… are they going to put you in it and take you away? Just then they throw the bag in the room. It has something in it. You think about what it could be… Food, clothes or water bottles. You see it moving then when its fully out so see it’s a person! It’s a girl. She looks familiar to you. You ask her what her name is, she says that her name is Wanita. Then you realize that she is your best friends sister! You ask her how she got here she says “ I was waiting for the bus, no one was around , then all of a sudden, out of no where a bag gets put over my head and now I'm here.” You cant imagine why you and Wanita out of all people, these guys would want you. You plan an escape Stay and wait for rescue

  17. You and Wanita start to plan an escape. You look around the room there isn't much. You see a small box, so you go towards it, when you get to it you open it. Inside there is rope and a laser. You tell Wanita and she says that we should use the laser to burn the bars on the window off so we can escape. The window is taller than both of you so it’s hard to get to it. Then you remember the rope! You tell Wanita that you can tie the rope to one of the bars on the window to climb up then use the laser to burn the bars off. She agrees that you should do the plan and you start. The plan works The plan fails

  18. You and Wanita stay there and wait for a rescue. It soon turns into night and since there is no light in your room, only sun light. It’s dark by 8pm. In the middle of the night you hear police sirens! You wake Wanita up and you both look out the window and you see the two guys that kidnapped you getting arrested. You see two police men go into the building that your in. They yell “is anyone in here!” You and Wanita yell on the top of your lungs “YES!!” The police men come running to your rescue. On your way to the door you step on the laser, it bursts open and it starts a fire…

  19. … the police men get you two out right in time. All four of you run for your lives. When you get out you, Wanita and the two police men get into the police car and follow the one with the two kidnappers back to the police station. The police call your parents then Wanita’s. when your guys’ parents come you are so happy you can’t help it so you cry your eyes out. When you get home you go to watch tv like nothing happened. THE END  Back to beginning

  20. You and Wanita start to do your plan but the rope is too weak to old you and it breaks so you and Wanita try to climb up on the box but that doesn’t work so you just wait for a rescue. You have to wait for a rescue

  21. You do the plan and it works! You and Wanita run, you run for your lives. You find the tracks of a car so you follow them. After about 15 minutes of walking Wanita sees a house. You two run towards it. There is an old lady sitting on the porch and she asks you two what had happened. You tell her the whole story and she says that she has a car that she can drive you back into town in, so you and Wanita get into the back of her car. She starts to drive towards the building you just came from. You tell her that she is going the wrong way she doesn’t reply. You see the two guys that kidnapped you coming towards the car. You and Wanita start screaming just as you think that the old lady was going to unlock the doors she slams her foot on the gas pedal and zooms toward the guys!

  22. The two guys run from the car the old lady does a U-turn and heads for town. You look at Wanita she looks at you back, you both have faces of relief. When you get to town you thank the lady and you get out of the car and she drives away. You go to the police station and your mom and Wanita’s mom where there and once the see you the start to cry. Then you go home. THE END  BACK TO BEGINNING