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Our School

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Our School

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  1. Our School Welcome to Eynsham Community primary school

  2. Why Our School Is The Best! Eynsham Primary has a lot of useful equipment for children to use. If your child has a bike or a scooter, there would be a place to keep it. Children will be able to go out at break time and lunchtimes to come back in for the next lesson as fresh as a daisy! Mr. Moore Our Headteacher

  3. All parents know that their child needs a good and stable education. Our school provides good teachers and fun learning activities!

  4. We make sure that your child understands everything that the teacher has taught, before moving on to something knew! Another good thing about our school is we provide everything your child needs for help and learning, e.g. Glue sticks, learning books and rulers. As your child gets older, you may need to buy a pencil case from the age of 7-8 years old.

  5. Our teachers are kind and strict. They teach at your child’s speed so they can learn easily, instead of having to move on without understanding it! Here are a list of some of our teachers: FoundationYear Three Mrs. Willsden Mrs. Elson Mr. Gidlow Miss. Banfield Year One Year Four Mrs. Gidlow Miss O’Riley Mrs. Docker Mr. Wyatt Year TwoYear Five Miss. Floyd Mr. Hazel Miss. Keen Mr. Marsh Mrs. Iley Year Six Mr. Prentice Mrs. OcanaGil

  6. Children LOVE using computers! At school, we have I.C.T lessons. In this lesson, children partner up with someone, and they learn how to use things.

  7. Foundation – Year 6 East wing is for years 3-4. When your child reaches this year, they will need to bring in their own snack. In foundation stage, children learn their alphabet and how to write simple words and letters. Finally, West Wing is for your child’s last 2 years, 5 and 6. Now, your child will learn higher learning skills than the younger ones. Year 6s will take their sat test for Year 7. In South Wing, which is year 1-2, children learn how to write in joined up, and learn their first proper lessons.

  8. School dinners is one of the most important part after a mornings work. We provide healthy and yum yum food!

  9. Turn That Frown…

  10. Upside Down!

  11. Eynsham Primary Community School

  12. By Abby & Shaneh Hope That Convinced You To Join Our School!