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Stages in the Guest Cycle

Stages in the Guest Cycle. Stages of the guest cycle. Pre-arrival Arrival Occupancy Departure. The Pre-Arrival Stage. The guest chooses a hotel during this stage. Preregistration activities occur including preparation a guest folio. The Arrival Stage.

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Stages in the Guest Cycle

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  1. Stages in the Guest Cycle

  2. Stages of the guest cycle Pre-arrival Arrival Occupancy Departure

  3. The Pre-Arrival Stage The guest chooses a hotel during this stage. Preregistration activities occur including preparation a guest folio.

  4. The Arrival Stage Determining guest’s reservation status. Creating a registration record. Assigning a room and rate.

  5. The Arrival Stage Identifying a payment method. Establishing departure date. Providing a room key and map. Room assignments may need to take into account guests with physical impairments.

  6. The Occupancy Stage The front desk coordinates guest services and responds to guest requests. A variety of financial transactions occur during this stage and are processed according to the front office posting and auditing procedures.

  7. Protect The Guest’s Right To Privacy Guests are entitled to constitutional protection against unreasonable search and seizure. Never announce a guest’s room number or give room numbers to callers. Never give out guestroom keys to anyone but the registered guest.

  8. The Departure Stage Guest services and guest accounting are completed during this stage A guest history record is created and the guest’s account is zeroed out. Hotels often use expired registration to construct a guest history file.

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  10. 4.2 Communications

  11. The Transaction File The transaction file chronicles unusual events, guest complaints or requests, other relevant information.

  12. Why is a Transaction File Used? The front desk may keep the transaction file so that staff can be made aware of important events and decisions that occurred during previous workshifts and so that front desk agents can respond intelligently if the guest contacts the front desk for follow-up.

  13. Information Directory An information directory is an accumulation of data that guests commonly request.

  14. Information Directory Restaurant recommendations Transportation agencies Directions to various places Information about hotels policies

  15. Information Directory Some hotels have computers information terminals in public areas. Many hotels also provide reader boards that list the daily schedule of events.

  16. Guest Mail and Packages All mail should be time-stamped when it arrives Front office records should be checked immediately to verify the guest is currently registered.

  17. Guest Mail and Packages The front desk should promptly attempt to notify a guest that mail has arrived. Packages are handled as mail. If it is too big to be stored at the front desk, it should be taken to a secure room.

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  19. 4.3 Guest Services

  20. Equipment & Supplies Loaned To Guests. • Roll-away beds and cribs • Additional pillows/linens • Irons and ironing boards • additional clothes hangers • Audiovisual and office equipment • Equipment for guests with disabilities.

  21. Split Folios Split folios are most often requested by business travelers who need to separate charges onto two or more accounts.

  22. Master Folios • Master folios are typically reserved for group accounts. • Master folios collect charges on an account assigned to more than one person or guestroom.

  23. Special Request Other special guest requests may include: • Transportation arrangements • Entertainment reservations • Newspaper delivery • Secretarial services

  24. Special Needs • Physically challenged guests • Business travelers • Convention groups

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  26. 4.4 Guest Complaints

  27. Guest Complaints Mechanical Attitudinal Service-Related Unusual

  28. Identifying Guest Complaints Log books, guest comment cards, and questionnaires can all help identify guest complaints. A well-designed comment card can lead to thorough analysis of guest responses.

  29. Handling Guest Complaints It is usually counterproductive to ignore a guest complaint.

  30. Handling Guest Complaints When managers are not available to handle a complaint, there should be a contingency plan in place to empower employees to immediately deal with the situation.

  31. Complaint Resolution Guidelines Not going to a guestroom alone Not making promises you cant keep Admitting when the problem cannot be solved Having an approach for dealing with guests who complain as part of their nature

  32. Following up on Guest Complaints Management may use a log book to Initiate corrective action Verify that guest complaints have been resolved, Identify recurring problems.

  33. Following up on Guest Complaints A letter from management expressing regret about an incident is usually sufficient to promote goodwill and concern for guest satisfaction. Managers might also telephone a departed guest to get more complete information on an incident.

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