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Community-School Libraries PowerPoint Presentation
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Community-School Libraries

Community-School Libraries

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Community-School Libraries

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  1. Community-School Libraries By Dave Long & Ryan Yoshizawa LIS 610 Long & Yoshizawa

  2. Overview • Why Community-School Libraries? • Areas of Conflict • Tips for Success • Trends • Site Selection Criteria • Introduction to the Ewa Beach Community-School Library LIS 610 Long & Yoshizawa

  3. Overview Continued • Recommendations by the Office of Library Services (1976) • References • Closing Remarks & Questions LIS 610 Long & Yoshizawa

  4. Why Community-School Libraries? • Provides public library service to those areas which would otherwise be without. • Library materials may be used more frequently and by a greater number of community members. • School library resources are made more widely available to the community and neighboring schools. LIS 610 Long & Yoshizawa

  5. Rationale Continued • Students and teachers have increased access to a greater range of materials and resources. • May encourage increased parent contact with the school on a more regular basis. • May enhance a strong sense of local history through close community contact. • Increased pressure on public institutions to make better use of tax monies. LIS 610 Long & Yoshizawa

  6. Use of the facility Supervision Priorities and governance Collection development & organization Programming Division of labor Funding Negative attitudes Personality mixes Work schedules and salaries Areas of Conflict LIS 610 Long & Yoshizawa

  7. Tips For Success • Cost savings should not be the sole criterion for establishment. • The emphasis should be on providing service to the community. • Careful planning must be involved. • Unrestricted access to library users. • Positive attitudes and cooperation among staff members. LIS 610 Long & Yoshizawa

  8. More Tips For Success • Encourage flexible role responsibilities and open communication. • Written guidelines and functional relationships between school and library staff should be established for each community-school library. • Provide clarification and training on the purpose and goals of Community-School libraries prior to employment. LIS 610 Long & Yoshizawa

  9. Trends • Community-School libraries are generally more suited to secondary than primary schools. • Community-School libraries lend themselves very well to rural and rapid growth areas. • Integration of school and public collections was the common practice. --James G. Dwyer, 1984 LIS 610 Long & Yoshizawa

  10. Community-School Library Site Selection Criteria • It should be in a rural, geographically isolated community. • The Dept. of Education projected population of community to be served should not exceed 10,000. • It should not be located within a 6-8 mile radius of other existing community or community-school libraries. LIS 610 Long & Yoshizawa

  11. Site Selection Criteria Continued • It should be planned to service an elementary school with projected enrollment of not more than 1,000 students or a secondary school with projected enrollment ofnot more than 1,200 students. • It should be situated to be accessible to both school and public patrons, with separate parking for library users. --Adopted by the Board of Education on April 1, 1976 LIS 610 Long & Yoshizawa

  12. Ewa Beach Community-School Library Project “The Ewa Beach Community-School Library was established as a demonstration project…for a period from April 15, 1971 to April 15, 1974 or less. It was intended to serve, through a single facility, students and teachers of what was formerly referred to as the Campbell Complex, and especially the Campbell High School, and the residents of Ewa Beach and its surrounding areas.” --Ewa Beach Community-School Library Project Report, 1976 LIS 610 Long & Yoshizawa

  13. Ewa Beach Community-School Library Recommendations “The large Campbell High School enrollment of over 2,000 students and Ewa Beach area’s growing urban population of 28,000 make it difficult to meet the demanding needs of the students, faculty and the community patrons.” “Creating separate facilities was considered, but costs related to site selection, building and staffing another library, purchasing resources and equipment, providing interim services were found to be prohibitive and impractical.” LIS 610 Long & Yoshizawa

  14. Recommendations Continued “The Ewa Beach Community-School project library does not conform to the guidelines for community-school libraries. However, it is recommended that an exception be made and that it continue operating as a combined facilityby: Providing additional staff and equipmentto meet the needs of the school program and the community. Modifying building to meet user patterns. Extending CCTV to adjacent schools…instead of using library meeting rooms.” --Ewa Beach Community-School Library Project Report, 1976 LIS 610 Long & Yoshizawa

  15. References Aaron, Shirley L. A Study of Combined School-Public Libraries. ALA, 1980. [Z675.S3 S357] Dwyer, James G. “The Joint Use Phenomenon: A Positive Approach.” in School Libraries/Media Centers: Partners in Education. Proceedings of the Thirteenth Annual Conference, International Association of School Librarianship, 1984, pp. 61-81. [Z675.S3.I45A] Office of Library Services. Reports of Community-School Library Projects: Ewa Beach, Kahuku. April 1976. Olsen, Renee. “2 in 1: Designing a Combined Library That Works for Everyone.” School Library Journal 42(2) (February 1996): 24-27. [Z675.S3 S357] Walisser, Sharon and Janet Renouf. “Brittannia is Different: A Cooperative School-Public Library in the 80’s.” in School Libraries/Media Centers: Partners in Education. Proceedings of the Thirteenth Annual Conference, International Association of School Librarianship, 1984. pp.99-131. [Z675.S3.I45A] LIS 610 Long & Yoshizawa

  16. Any questions or comments? Thank you for your attention! For more information contact: or LIS 610 Long & Yoshizawa