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Gift Basket Business PowerPoint Presentation
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Gift Basket Business

Gift Basket Business

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Gift Basket Business

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  1. Gift Basket Business

  2. Gift Basket Gift Basket is a premier gift for the people. Gift Basket contains various types of items such as Chocolates, ornaments, stationaries, cosmetics and other gift items etc. All the items are bundle in a basket or box. The customer will select the type of basket they need.

  3. Goals and Objectives • Create finest Gift Basket • Give high quality product in reasonable price • Create a well known company and improve the brand images by selling good products. • Help people to choose right gifts for their dear ones • Develop a sustainable home business, surviving off its own cash flow. • Sell our products to corporate level

  4. Product • Yummy Chocolate • Little Souls • Wild Lovers • Choco Freak • Birthday Surprise • Adams Basket • Eves Basket • Born to Fashion • Wild Learners • Special Basket • Custom Basket We offer different types of items baskets:

  5. Competitive Analysis There are many different forms of competitor in Gift Basket Business: • Similar Gift Basket retail stores • Stationary Shop • Chocolate Gift Basket

  6. Market Analysis • We will go after two distinct market segments Individual and Corporate. Our main target group is individual group. Our target customers are mainly women. Usually women are more likely to buy gift basket than men. Our main consumers will be childrens.

  7. StrengthWeaknessOpportunityThreat Analysis Strengths • We have high quality ingredients which is available everywhere. Weaknesses • A limited marketing budget to generate awareness of Gift Basket and its service/product. Opportunities • Participation in an industry that is generally quite steady in terms of sales. Threats • The industry is very attractive and it’s easy to open.

  8. Individual The individuals are people who are looking to give a friend, relative, colleague etc., a gift basket as a gift. These customers typically don’t have any idea about gifts. Corporate The Corporate customer is typically buy the basket for colleague at work as a sign of appreciation and motivation, for a special event such as corporate picnic or AGM and thank you for a customer. Market Segmentation

  9. Marketing and Sales Strategy • Word-of-mouth referrals • Facebook Fan Page • Sending e-mail to corporate clients • Giving various promotional offers • Orders taken in our Website and E-mails • Through bKash • Orders by direct phone calls

  10. Operational Plan • Productions We will produce our products in our store. We will use our own personal room for producing the products. We will hire two employers for produce the products. • Raw Materials We buy our items from different locations. We will buy items at a low rate than retail price from different markets.

  11. Management Summary We five people will manage the whole business together. Everyone will get equal management power. No one can take any decision alone and without proper discussion with others. There will be an individual positions for everyone. There will be General Manager, Executive Director, Marketing and Sales Manager, Finance and Accounts, and Production Manager.

  12. An Organizational Chart

  13. Financial Plan Our estimated total budget is ৳1,000,000 taka and ৳200,000 taka each. At the first month we will invest total ৳500,000 taka and ৳100,000 taka each. From those ৳500,000 taka we will spend ৳400,000 taka for raw materials and other costs and save ৳100,000 money the bank. Everyone will get and take profit and loss equally. No one will be liable for debts alone. We also planning to take insurance after a business calendar year.

  14. Conclusion We Wild Souls, basically make Gift Basket which contains high quality items. The items are very well known and popular among people. The items will be bundle in a basket or box. We produce and delivery our product. We will advertise our product mostly in Facebook Fan page and in our official website. Everyone equally manage business, take profit and loss. No one can take decision individually. Our estimated budget is ৳1,000,000. Every member will invest ৳200,000.

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