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Greensheet. Mr. Scot Gillis. Greensheet. Background: Leland Graduate -1985 West Valley College - 1985-87 San Jose State University – 1987-1989 (BA) San Jose State University – 2002-2004 (MA) Former Baseball and Football coach at Leland Run the school website

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  1. Greensheet Mr. Scot Gillis

  2. Greensheet Background: Leland Graduate -1985 West Valley College - 1985-87 San Jose State University – 1987-1989 (BA) San Jose State University – 2002-2004 (MA) Former Baseball and Football coach at Leland Run the school website Married (20 years in Dec) 1 daughter Mary (11 in Oct) Dog – Hank, black Lab Niners, Giants, and Sharks are my teams ACDC, Motley Crue, Queen are favorite bands Thin Mint, Honey Mustard sauce, Peete’s Coffee

  3. Classroom Content • We will study culture using the 5 themes of Geography as a guide • Place, Location, Region, Movement, Human Environmental Interaction • Our classroom textbook is designed the same way

  4. Projects/Group work • You will work in pairs, and groups of 3, 4, and 5 • Projects are produced throughout the year

  5. Grades • Normal grading scale • 100-89.5 – A • 89-79.5 – B • 79-69.5– C • 69-59.5 – D • 59-below – F

  6. Grades • How are grades determined? • Cumulative from day 1 until the last day of the semester. • HW = 5 points each assignment • Quizzes/Tests = 35-45 point range • Projects = 25-35 point range • Classroom conduct – 10% of total grade

  7. Policies • Tests/Quizzes • You must achieve a minimum of 79% (C+) on every test/quiz • If you receive less than 79%, you must re-take the exam until you have achieved at least a 79%. • If you score above 79% the first time, you may re-take the test to improve your grade, but re-takes should be pretty close to 100% correct • Tests need to be retakenwithin 1 week from the day it is returned, during lunch time in the class

  8. Policies • Late Work • 80% credit will be awarded on homework if it is one day late, 60% for two. After two days, the most you can receive is 50%. • (I always reserve the right to hear special circumstances) • All papers must have the proper heading no names =80% credit (4 out of 5)

  9. Policies • Home Work • All homework must be turned in complete, with all questions answered. • If you have missing homework, or need to re-take a quiz or test, you will be assigned to class during lunch until the work is finished. • 99% of students who achieve “less than awesome” grades is because they do not turn-in their work

  10. Policies • Manila Folders - • All graded and returned work must be kept in your manila folder inside your period’s drawer in the cabinet provided. • In addition, you must maintain an updated grade sheet that is also inside your manila folder.

  11. Classroom Rules • No chewing of gum. (Especially snapping gum) • Annoying • Makes you look like a cow • Starts digestion, and make you hungry – stomach growls • Makes you spit while you talk

  12. Classroom Rules • You can drink water in class • No eating, gum chewing, etc • No leaning back in chairs. It breaks the chairs, and can cause serious injury

  13. Classroom Rules • Process of elimination: • Warning #1 verbal. If you are distracting the lesson, I will ask you to be quiet, stop talking, etc • Warning #2 move. If you cannot be quiet, I will move you in the class OR send you outside. • If you are sent outside, you are not in trouble! • If you cause a huge scene about being sent outside, or start to mouth-off, you will be in trouble. Outside is a “time-out” from my class. • Warning #3 – office to Mrs Lyte, immediate Sat School (BTW – all referrals = Sat School)

  14. Classroom Rules • No destruction of school property. • If you write on the desks, you will be cleaning them. • Do not go into my area “kitchen”

  15. Cheating Policy • Copying someone’s homework • Copying answers on a test, quiz, etc • Turning-in work that is not yours • Giving questions/answers to tests • Each incident will result in a Zero on the assignment, and a cheating file will be started.

  16. Teacher pet-peeves • No backpacks on the desks. • Snapping of gum. (Gum is not allowed, so this shouldn’t be an issue) • Toys, playing cards, novels, calculator games, etc • have no place in my class. • Doing other classes homework in my class will result in me taking away the work for three days. If you are finished with my work, ask if you can work on another class, and I will let you know.

  17. Be Nice • If someone is picking on you, let me know. We do not tolerate Bully’s on this campus. This can be classmates or other students on campus. This can b face to face, text, facebook, etc • Inappropriate comments or actions will be dealt with immediately. No one likes mean people, and they find themselves to be very lonely. • Empathy should be practiced at all times

  18. Keys to Success • Be organized • Turn things in on time finished • Ask for help when you don’t understand something • Be prepared • Getting good grades is about working hard, not being smart. Working hard will get you smart

  19. Have a purpose • Have a reason to do the right thing. • Provide for family, roll model for my daughter, guidance counselor, supportive husband, etc, etc, etc. All of these give me purpose to do the right thing, be responsible and reliable, etc. • As a student you need to identify what purpose you serve. That purpose gives you, as a person, value. • Purpose provides self-worth. Self-worth provides an incentive to do well because someone is counting on you, and sometimes that person is you.

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