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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 朗费罗 ( 1807 — 1882 )

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 朗费罗 ( 1807 — 1882 ). Longfellow ’ s House. Longfellow’s Life Story. the only American, bust( 半身像 ), the Poet ’ s Corner of Westminster Abbey. Portland Academy Bowdoin College. old New England family, Portland, Maine. linguistic abilities, professorship at

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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 朗费罗 ( 1807 — 1882 )

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  1. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow朗费罗 (1807—1882)

  2. Longfellow’s House

  3. Longfellow’s Life Story the only American, bust(半身像), the Poet’s Corner of Westminster Abbey Portland Academy Bowdoin College old New England family, Portland, Maine linguistic abilities, professorship at Bowdoin, Harvard Wife died in childbirth to Europe.

  4. Longfellow’s Life Story combination the European culture with the American literature remarried in 1843 1854, resigned professorship, simply an author a 3rd visit to Europe in 1868—1869 satisfying closing years: nation wide 75 birthday died on March 24, 1882

  5. Longfellow’s Major Works • 1) Voices of the Night«夜吟» • his first collection of poems • 2) Ballads and Other Poems • «歌谣及其他»

  6. Longfellow’s Major Works • Ballads and Other Poem contains: • (1)“The Village Blacksmith” “乡村铁匠” • (2)“The Wreck of the Hesperus” “金星号遇难” • (3)“The Skeleton in Aromor” “盔甲骷髅”

  7. Longfellow’s Major Works • 3) Poems on Slavery • «奴役篇» • 4) Evangeline • «伊凡吉林» • 5) “The Belfry of Brgues” • “布吕赫钟楼”

  8. Longfellow’s Major Works • 6)The Seaside and the Fireside • «海边与炉边» • a volume of poems best known for “The Building of the Ship” • “航船的建造” • 7) Hiawatha, based on American Indian legends. «海华沙之歌»

  9. Longfellow’s Major Works • 8) The Courtship of Miles Standish • «迈尔斯.斯坦狄什的求婚» • 9) Tales of a Wayside Inn • «路畔旅舍的故事» • 10) His translation of Divine Comedy《神曲》of Dante

  10. Longfellow’s Creative Characteristics • Longfellow was one of the most _______ writers of his age. • His popular poems strongly reflected the ____________sentiment and the love of the _____________spirit of the people. serious optimistic humanitarian

  11. Longfellow’s Creative Characteristics • His narrative experiments on his great ballads and his thoughtful lyrics are remarkable for ____________propriety and ____________skill. • His work was_________, mildly________, ___________, and flavored with ___________preachment. imaginative constructive musical romantic high-minded sentimental

  12. Longfellow’s Poems A Psalm of Life Snow-Flakes The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls

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