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Welcome Property Managers & Guests PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome Property Managers & Guests

Welcome Property Managers & Guests

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Welcome Property Managers & Guests

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  1. Welcome Property Managers & Guests

  2. Shhh!!! Just to remind you that Resort Tax is confidential information and can not be shared. The information in this presentation is fictitious.

  3. Topics to Discuss: • Resort Tax Program • Tips/ Suspect Accounts • Advertising Websites • Website • Owners Blocked Calendars • 5 % Tax Increase • Questions/ Suggestions

  4. Resort Tax Program

  5. Adding Sub Users

  6. Once you login, click on your Edit Profile under your Taxpayers Menu. This will take you to your Edit Profile screen.

  7. Under the information there is a link that says View/Manage Sub Users

  8. It will take you to the Sub Users screen and you can add a sub user by clicking on the little man by link that says add a new sub user

  9. It will give you this screen showing where you can enter in your sub user information. Enter in the information and click on Save Sub User

  10. It will show all sub users, usernames and emails.

  11. This means that these individuals can login and file returns under their username.

  12. Sorting by Name & Account Number

  13. When in the account, click on the monthly return this will display list of subaccounts.

  14. If you are wanting to sort by NAMEclick on Managed Account Name

  15. It will sort by the name on the account.

  16. If you are wanting to sort by ACCOUNT number click on the Acct # NOTE: When you first enter in your return, it should sort by Account Number

  17. It will sort by account number.

  18. Changing Owners Names (Nicknames)

  19. When in your account click on View Sub Accounts

  20. It will show a listing of all the properties that you manage. To edit the names click on EDIT to the right hand side

  21. It will do a drop down screen where you can enter in the “nickname” that you prefer and click the update button.

  22. It will display the “nickname” on the sub account screen and on your return.

  23. ** You can only use scheduled payments if you pay online** Pending/ Schedule Payments

  24. When in the account, click on the monthly return that you are trying to file.

  25. It will bring up your property list and you can enter in the monies collected for each property and click submit at the bottom of the page.

  26. It will take you to the payment screen and you click on the first payment choice to pay online.

  27. Once in the screen you are able to set up the scheduled payments by changing the date in the Scheduled On box and click submit.

  28. You will get this screen confirming your scheduled payment and on your account screen it will show you have a pending payment.

  29. Having a Credit

  30. You will notice you have a credit on your account screen and you will see to the right, under your balance due, a credit amount.

  31. You can use your credit when you pay by submitting your monies and on the payment screen click on Use Credit and it will ask if you want to use the credit for this return and click ok.

  32. It will give you a receipt of the payment made and if you still need to pay the remaining balance click on the Enter Payment link under your taxpayers menu.

  33. How to Save a Coupon…

  34. When entering monies collected and you are interrupted you can save your return by clicking on submit.

  35. It will take you to the Enter Payment screen and to return to the default screen, click on View Account. Once you are ready to continue remitting, click on the return you were working on and continue to submit and pay.

  36. Inactive Letters This letters are used after a property comes off a management lists and the property manager states that this property is no longer under their management. We send it out to confirm what the status of the account is and if it comes back to us as it is not being rented we do a field check to confirm.

  37. Resort Tax Suspects&Advertising Websites

  38. Receiving Tips Resort Tax Evaders Hotline(941) 741-4809

  39. We start our Resort Tax suspects by having people submit tips using our anonymous tip hotline. This tip line can be located on our website by the FOR RENT icon or they are able to call and leave a tip on the tip line

  40. When a tipster clicks on the Resort Tax Evaders icon on our website it will take them to this screen. This is where they can enter in the information they are wanting to submit.

  41. Once a tipster submits a tip we will receive an email showing us the information that was submitted.

  42. Other ways to receive tips We also use sources such as; • Craigslist • Vacation Rental Websites • Field Deputy Visits (Park Audits) • Phone Tip Call ins

  43. Craigslist

  44. We use craigslist to search for vacation rentals in the Manatee County area.

  45. Vacation Rental Websites

  46. We search the web for vacation rentals in the Manatee County area and check to see if they already have an account with us.

  47. Field Deputies (Park Audits) We have field deputies that go out and do park audits to renew park decals. When they arrive on the property they ask to speak to the owner and if the person states that they are a tenant for short term they report it back to us.

  48. With the information we receive from the tips we go into our Excise program and search to confirm if they have ANY kind of account. Once we see they do not have a current account we start a suspect account.

  49. Creating a Suspect Account

  50. We add or reactivate an account in the resort tax system and show it as a Suspect Account using the information we collected from the tip submission.