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Master Creation Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Master Creation Services

Master Creation Services

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Master Creation Services

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  1. Master Creation Services Master Creation is one of those critical Services that we stretch to our customers as a? Outsou??ed P?oje?t. This se??i?e does?’t ?o?e ?ithi? the pa?kage of Maintenance support though. So far, Master Data creation for Specifications is being done (Product/ Material Initiation till Test Plan Initiation), while other petty but Bulk entries of Resource Management Module are yet to sign up. E.g.: Columns, Working standards, Reference standards etc. This Specification preparation service provided has its own way of Billing the Efforts spent in hours where price per hour differs from Customer to customer and so do their specifications. Types: Service at Client’s Facility/On-site Support Su??a?y: Fully T?ai?ed Resou??es ?ill ?e se?t to Clie?t’s Fa?ility o? Mo?thly Basis, ?he?e i?, Pu??hase o?de? shall ?e ?aised as pe? Clie?t’s ?e?ui?e?e?t, quoting the Length of Support required. Responsibilities of Client: Client shall plan and propose the amount of Daily work to each Resource, not exceeding 8 business hours. Client shall provide the Travel and Lunch Facility to Resource. This pricing is for General shift only. Service from CTPL/Off-site Support Summary: Fully Trained Resources shall be deployed at CTPL for the Service of a Particular Client.

  2. S. No. Tasks of Client Tasks of CTPL Others 1. Should Upload all the required for each Specification on weekly or Monthly Basis Should download and Allot the Work to designated members in way to ?eet Targetdates Confidentiality Specifications will be maintained Utmost care will be taken while working of Documents Team and Clie?t’s 2. Approving should be available Promptly Bodies Initiators shall work in line with requirement Approving bodies Separate Tele- lines shall support Process the of this 3. Daily Reports shall be Prepared Maintained Daily Reports shall be Prepared Maintained Daily Reports shall be shared in between for Tracking and and 4. End of every month, Monthly Report shall be sent to CTPL After matching the Monthly Report of Clie?t’s ?ith that of CTPL, CTPL shall raise the Invoice Monthly Invoices shall be Cleared promptly Notes: Preparation of a Specification shall start only on receipt of all documents required, through our secured portal. Gaps and Issues in this Daily Process shall be keenly monitored and the Root cause shall be eliminated within 24-48hrs. Required intermediate review approvals to be promptly attended by the client to stick to delivery timelines from our team. Resources will be optimized by us based on the specification workload. User certification & user IDs to be provided by client based on their SOP

  3. Advantages: Well Trained Qualified Team – Readily available Zero Training Costs No hassle of allotting work stations Clear measurement of work and payment Resources will be at/on work 24/7 Assured In-time Batch Release Dedicated Tele-lines for every Initiator Source: