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Vinyl Sliding Doors Replacement Orange County PowerPoint Presentation
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Vinyl Sliding Doors Replacement Orange County

Vinyl Sliding Doors Replacement Orange County

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Vinyl Sliding Doors Replacement Orange County

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  1. Vinyl Sliding Doors Replacement Orange County

  2. Just as vinyl replacement windows, vinyl patio doors are the most practical way to beautify your home. Energy efficiency is the major factor that our customers consider when looking at door replacement. Dual pane, structure of a frame, thickness of glass, low emissivity (LowE2) and argon gas are the main factors that contribute to energy efficiency. Most of the federal and local rebates are based on vinyl door replacement products.

  3. In most cases vinyl sliding doors require very little maintenance because the color is infused in the material, which means there is almost no fading or chipping. Of course, as in every industry, quality depends on the brand name of manufacturer. Less expensive vinyl contains higher amounts of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride which causes discoloration. We carry different quality manufacturers because every project is unique. Call now: (844) 503-6677

  4. We provide vinyl patio doors in different colors such as white, almond, and bronze. • Vinyl patio doors can be of the same or different color on the inside and outside. • For example, vinyl patio doors can be bronze on the outside, white on the inside. • There are three available styles of vinyl patio doors: sliding, French rail and French swinging. • Vinyl sliding patio doors or French doors may contain from two to four panels depending on the size. • There could be other variations but these are the two most popular. • French patio doors are less practical but considered more stylish and cost substantially more than sliding doors.

  5. We carry energy efficient doors that contain LowE2 glass and low levels of PVC. Grids are available as well to make your door panel even more attractive. Vinyl patio doors come in block, new construction and retrofit frames. The frame from old doors must be taken out in order to do the installation properly.

  6. Last, but not least, vinyl doors are relatively simple to install. Keep in mind though, no matter how relatively simple the installation may be, the installers must be factory certified, as ours are. We offer great prices and excellent customer service and will provide a perfect product to suit your needs.

  7. Address: 1626 Wilcox Ave, Ste 261, Los Ángeles, California 90028 USA Phone: (844) 503-6677 Website: